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What are high glycaemic carbohydrates?

carbohydrates are the macronutrient whose main function is to provide energy to the body. This type of nutrient has a property that distinguishes some types of carbohydrates from others, namely the glycaemic index.

High glycaemic index carbohydrates are recommended for athletes exercising for a minimum duration of one and a half hours. 

Athletes need to be able to maintain energy levels for an extended period of time. After this time, the needs increase: the exact and concrete time may vary from person to person.

When a carbohydrate is high glycaemic , it refers to the rapid rate and amount at which it is digested and transported into the blood in the form of glucose. They pass directly from the gut into the blood.

They are carbohydrates that are rapidly assimilated, provide instant energy and do not require extensive digestion.

Their purpose is to provide the athlete with a source of energy, both after exercise and during ingestion, without causing heaviness or difficult digestion, and thus to maintain performance and glycogen reserves.

Rapidly loads glycogen levels and accelerates recovery. This is important to reduce the feeling of fatigue and maintain performance for as long as possible. 

They can also delay the onset of fatigue and improve the energy efficiency of muscles during exercise.

We can find different formats of carbohydrates with a high glycaemic level: gels, capsules, bars, powdered preparations, etc. Each athlete can choose the one that best suits their needs and preferences. 

For whom are high glycaemic carbohydrates recommended?

They are recommended for cyclists, runners, marathon runners, triathletes, etc. In which the energy expenditure is very high, and the duration of the exercise as well.

High glycaemic carbohydrates are mainly recommended for endurance and high intensity athletes performing training or competition for more than 1 to 1.5 hours, where energy levels need to be maintained and fatigue postponed for as long as possible.

What are high glycaemic carbohydrates for? 

Their main characteristics and functions are: 

  • It has a fast and perfect absorption carbohydrates providing high levels of energy
  • rapidly replenishes glycogen levels and accelerates recovery.
  • They usually have the characteristic that their gastric emptying is very fast, i.e. the time they spend in the stomach.
  • Unlike other sources, it can be taken during training because does not generate heaviness
  • It is easy to digest and does not cause stomach problems or other similar side effects that complex carbohydrates can cause if taken intra-workout. 
  • They are transported directly to the gut and into the bloodstream, from where they provide energy quickly, and decrease fatigue , preventing the muscles and brain from running out of glycogen during training.
  • They are also an ally for after training, as they allow glycogen stores that have been left empty to recover quickly.
  • It does not generally cause any stomach upset .  Its high molecular weight and low osmolarity as well as its high solubility in water and other liquids and its excellent digestibility and gastric emptying

How to take carbohydrates with a high glycaemic level?

The ideal time to take high-glycaemic carbohydrates is during exercise or after exercise.

During exercise: in order to maintain optimal performance and prevent the onset of fatigue, it is ideal to take. Also, for the advantage of its rapid digestion and assimilation, which will allow us to maintain energy levels almost immediately.

After exercise: after you have finished, your muscle and liver glycogen stores will be almost empty. Eating this type of carbohydrate can promote recovery and help to avoid fatigue levels. They contribute to good recovery .

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