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Life Pro Recopro Cluster Dextrin With Bcaa's And Electrolytes 1kg

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Life Pro RecoPro Cluster Dextrin with BCAA's and Electrolytes is a very complete supplement that combines highly branched cyclic dextrin with BCAA's and electrolytes, to offer a total improvement of the athlete's performance.




RecoPro is a supplement with which Life Pro demonstrates that its catalog is always at the forefront of innovation in the world of sports nutrition. It is a combination that mixes the prestigious BCAA's with a new compound called highly branched cyclic dextrin or cyclodextrin (HBCD), and all this enriched with the presence of electrolytes.

Cyclodextrin is a carbohydrate that offers a very valuable ease of absorption, something that allows its nutrients to pass into the bloodstream quickly so that the athlete can take advantage of the benefits it offers almost immediately after taking the supplement in question.

Life Pro RecoPro Cluster Dextrin with BCAA's and Electrolytes manages to delay the onset of fatigue, improving the energy performance of muscles during training. 

In addition, thanks to BCAA's, muscle tissues are protected against catabolism, facilitating their growth, and the effectiveness of recovery periods is improved.

LIFE PRO Cluster Dextrin is a new generation carbohydrate obtained by the enzymatic degradation of starch. Its high molecular weight and low osmolarity as well as its high solubility in water and other liquids and its excellent digestibility and gastric emptying (only 20 minutes) make it ideal for all types of athletes, not only strength and power athletes, but for all endurance sports such as cycling, athletics, swimming and triathlon. 

In addition, it can be perfectly combined with electrolytes and amino acids, making it the ideal drink to carry in a flask.

Each bottle contains 1 kg of Recopro and a delicious tropical fruit flavor. 


Highly Branched Cyclodextrin or Cluster Dextrin

Dextrin is a carbohydrate source that has peculiar characteristics compared to other carbohydrate sources designed for athletes.

It is a state-of-the-art sports supplement that is obtained through the enzyme-based transformation of starch, obtaining a glucose-based product with a structure that provides many advantages to the athlete who decides to take it.

This occurs because it achieves a contribution that will provide maximum energy in a sustained manner while training and a fast and optimal recovery. 

Thanks to its high molecular weight, each molecule provides much more energy when broken down.

Fast and perfect carbohydrate absorption providing high energy levels without altering blood glucose levels while still allowing fat burning as an energy source. 

Ultra fast gastric emptying. 

Rapidly replenishes glycogen levels and accelerates recovery.

Low osmolarity allows for rapid transit through the stomach and directly into the intestine and bloodstream, from where it provides sustained energy and fast, optimal recovery.

It is easy to digest and does not cause stomach upset or other similar side effects that other supplements can cause.


BCAAS or branched-chain amino acids are a set of 3 amino acids that are responsible for promoting a suitable environment for muscle mass gain and promoting protein synthesis. BCAAs do not need to be digested. When ingested, they are transported directly to the muscle tissue where they are required.


Its main function is to help maintain muscle mass. 

It stimulates protein synthesis, and also intervenes in the optimal recovery of muscular injuries. Its presence in an adequate amount in the muscle helps to avoid the destruction of muscle fibers and tissues, that is to say, it avoids catabolism.

Leucine also helps to maintain an adequate blood sugar level.


Isoleucine helps to eliminate fat during exercise because it promotes its use as a source of energy. At the muscular level, it promotes the synthesis of new muscle fibers and their reconstruction after exercise.

The presence of an adequate level of isoleucine in the body can help prevent various diseases related to the cardiac system, the vascular system, and also reduce the risk of type II diabetes.

Along with other amino acids, it serves as a precursor of alanine and glutamine, two other amino acids which are found in greater quantities in our muscles.


Enable a positive nitrogen balance, which is necessary to repair and build muscle tissue. 

When this balance is positive, i.e., more nitrogen is retained than is eliminated, it means that the muscles have recovered the proper shape after an intense workout and that we are in a state that favors the gain of muscle mass.

Another feature is that it is a good also acts as a relaxant of the nervous system, which can reduce nervousness, anxiety or stress. 


Electrolytes are a group of minerals that are eliminated through sweat when we do physical activity. Cluster Dextrin with BCAAS and electrolytes has included in its formulation a complex of electrolytes to ensure the maintenance of correct and adequate levels in people who are going to perform physical activity.

Electrolytes contribute to the maintenance of body hydration. They also help regulate nerve impulses and nerve, heart and muscle functions.

It is important not to suffer a deficiency or lack of electrolytes during workouts, since the quality of these, as our performance will be impaired.

Some of the symptoms that the body may suffer with an electrolyte imbalance are: muscle cramps, the transmission of nerve impulses will be negatively affected, muscle weakness and feeling of fatigue, gastrointestinal imbalances, which can lead to constipation, abdominal pain and poor digestion, a strong feeling of thirst, etc.

The consumption of drinks that include electrolytes will help maintain strength levels, performance, endurance and concentration. It is important to stay hydrated at all times, especially during high intensity efforts.

Sodium: This mineral is eliminated through sweat. A marked decrease in sodium can cause muscle cramps, weakness and, in extreme cases, hyponatremia. It is involved in the control of body hydration levels and in the maintenance of blood pressure.

Potassium: This mineral is lost with each muscle contraction. Potassium is important for the transmission of nerve impulses. It contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system and muscles and is involved in the control of heart rhythm. 

Magnesium: helps to reduce tiredness and to a correct psychological function. It is also involved in the regulation of other electrolytes and metabolism.

calcium; contributes to normal blood coagulation, energy metabolism, normal functioning of muscles, digestive enzymes and to ensure a correct conduction of neuronal impulses. It is also involved in the regulation of cellular metabolism.


Cluster dextrin is a state-of-the-art carbohydrate source, which is characterized by its rapid and perfect absorption providing high levels of energy without altering blood glucose levels while still allowing the burning of fats as a source of energy.

Unlike other sources, it can be taken during training because it has an ultra-rapid gastric emptying due to its molecular structure. 

It quickly recharges glycogen levels and accelerates recovery, which is essential to reduce the feeling of fatigue and to maintain performance for as long as possible.

It delays the onset of fatigue, improving the energetic performance of muscles during training. 

It does not cause any kind of stomach upset. Its high molecular weight and low osmolarity as well as its high solubility in water and other liquids and its excellent digestibility and gastric emptying (only 20 minutes).

It has been enriched with BCAA's and electrolytes.

BCAA's are essential elements for the maintenance of muscle mass as well as to accelerate recovery after physical activity. They are part of proteins.

They contribute to reduce fatigue both during and after training and to promote optimal recovery after intense workouts. They can reduce muscle damage.

BCAAs contribute to establish an anabolic environment in your body, giving you energy in terms of muscles.

Thanks to electrolytes, it helps to maintain proper hydration during and after training as these are lost through sweat.

elp prevent muscle cramps, reduce fatigue, intervene in the correct regulation of metabolism and certain hormones, as well as favor the transmission of nerve impulses.

The consumption of beverages that include electrolytes will help maintain strength levels, performance, endurance and concentration.


Cluster Dextrin is one of the best known and most recognized patents in the market. Cluster Dextrin with Bcaa's and Electrolytes has been formulated under this patent.

It ensures its quality and has been obtained by the following process: it is a new type of dextrin that is produced from amylopectin by the cyclization reaction of a branching enzyme.

The BCAAS complex added in Cluster Dextrin with Bcaa's and Electrolytes has the patent called Amino Boost. The ratio of BCAAS is 8:1:1. One of the most effective in promoting an anabolic environment.


Life Pro Cluster Dextrin with Bcaa's and Electrolytes has been sweetened in its 2 different flavors, this one lemon, as well as its melon flavored version with sucralose. It does not contain aspartame or other sweeteners,

Sucralose is an artificial sweetener that was discovered in 1976.

Recently, its use in the field of fitness and sports supplementation is due to its safety in human consumption and the fact that it does not contribute calories to the organism. That is why it has been used in Life Pro Cluster Dextrin with Bcaa's and Electrolytes.

This sweetener has the capacity to sweeten between 500 and 600 times more than conventional sugar. It is obtained from sucrose. 

Most of this sweetener cannot be absorbed and is excreted, which only adds flavor and sweetness. It does not alter hunger and the level of toxicity it presents is very low since it has been proven that certain sweeteners can increase appetite levels.

It does not alter glucose or insulin. It is one of the safest sweeteners for human consumption. It is a sweetener suitable for diabetics because it does not influence glycemia or blood sugar concentration.

Also, sucralose prevents tooth decay because bacteria cannot decompose this sweetener and as a result the tooth enamel will remain intact.


Cluster Dextrin with Bcaa's and Electrolytes is recommended for all those people who:

Looking for a complete supplement to take during and after workouts to support performance and recovery.

Athletes who want to enjoy a source of carbohydrates and rapid absorption to recharge glycogen stores quickly.

People who do not want to suffer from stomach discomfort when taking intra-workout supplements.

All those athletes seeking to maintain a correct electrolyte balance within the body.


Cluster Dextrin with Bcaa's and Electrolytes is one of the most compact and innovative supplements for endurance athletes who want to improve and maintain their performance during long workouts.

Unlike other training supplements, Cluster Dextrin with Bcaa's and Electrolytes has been enriched with a complex of BCAAS and elctrolytes that will further optimize carbohydrate intake.

All Life Pro supplements strive for 100% effectiveness with two non-negotiable conditions: safety for health and confidence for the most demanding consumers.


Mix 30 g (1 scoop) with 500 ml of water or beverage of choice and take 10 minutes before training, for best results consume 5 minutes before completing the workout.

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