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Endurance from Life Pro is the new line of sports supplements specially created for all people who practice endurance sports, and want to improve their performance.

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What is Life Pro Endurance?

In endurance sports, the specific needs of the people who practice them are very demanding: the body requires a large supply of carbohydrates and other nutrients to be able to carry out all the training or competition, in an optimal way and trying to maintain energy levels and optimise recovery after finishing.

Endurance is recommended for sports that last for long periods of time and therefore require an extra supply of nutrients. They are ideal for all those people who practice: running, cycling, triathlon, swimming, etc. 

Endurance, from Life Pro, offers you a variety of supplements, including carbohydrates, isotonic drink mixes, etc. with the aim of improving your workouts, before, during and after training. 

All supplements are of high quality, made with quality raw materials and optimised formulas.

What is Life Pro Endurance for?

Endurance athletes have different needs and requirements.

For this reason, Life Pro has designed this new line of products that:

  • Favours the maintenance of performance during the period in which they are made.
  • Helps to avoid the onset of fatigue during training, and to reduce it as much as possible after the end of training.
  • They promote the loading of muscle and liver glycogen stores, which are used up during training. It is essential to provide nutrients that favour their replenishment, both during and at the end of training.
  • The recovery process is optimised: thanks to supplements that provide amino acids, proteins and carbohydrates, the recovery process before the next workout can be reduced.
  • Helps to maintain hydration levels
  • Their contribution of minerals, especially electrolytes, prevents the appearance of muscle cramps.

What kind of products can we find in Endurance?

Supplements designed to be taken during training, are characterised by not generating stomach discomfort, nor producing heavy digestion so that performance does not worsen.

With the aim of maintaining energy:

Carbohydrates are the macronutrient responsible for maintaining energy levels and largely preventing the onset of fatigue. In Endurance , you can find carbohydrates such as fructose, maltodextrin or cyclodextrin that favour the loading of muscular and hepatic glycogen deposits and thus avoid the onset of fatigue.

At the end, to optimise recovery:

Amino acids and protein in conjunction with a carbohydrate source is one of the most optimal combinations to improve the recovery process.

In order to maintain hydration: 

It is important to replenish lost fluids and minerals, especially electrolytes, as soon as possible and to ensure their supply throughout the physical activity as well as afterwards.

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