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Life Pro Endurance Cyclo Energy Gel 60ml

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Sports supplement made from maltodextrin, cyclodextrin and sodium, perfect for any athlete.

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This product is composed of maltodextrin, cyclodextrin and sodium.

What is it for?

The role of carbohydrates in sports is fundamental, which is why carbohydrates are periodised and consumed in large quantities in many sports as a means of fuel for the activity.

In addition to carbohydrates, the amount of electrolytes (especially sodium), water, as well as possible ergogenic aids, e.g. caffeine intake, should be assessed before, during and after the activity. In this context, gels are an excellent option when it comes to covering our carbohydrate and mineral requirements and helping us with hydration during training.

On the other hand, this product is characterised by its watery texture, refreshing effect and easy consumption, providing 30 g of carbohydrates in each serving.

 In addition, these gels do not contain fructose, making them an ideal option for people who do not require a dual source of carbohydrates or do not have a good tolerance to it.

As they contain cyclodextrin and maltodextrin, two high molecular weight carbohydrates and a good amount of water, they are quick to empty from the stomach, making them easy and quick to digest, making them easy to take during sport.

These gels are also characterised by the fact that they do not contain caffeine in their composition, which makes it possible to provide an adequate intake of carbohydrates in the event that this is not necessary or in addition to other methods of administration.

Finally, it is important to note that both the flavours and their organoleptic properties have been specially designed to facilitate their intake by sportsmen and women. In this way, these gels are an excellent option to complement our sports practice.


  • Carbohydrate supply before or during exercise.
  • High molecular weight, with fast gastric emptying and easy digestion.
  • Mild flavour without excessive bitterness or sweetness.
  • Watery texture for easy consumption.
  • Suitable for people with low fructose tolerance.
  • Easy to open.
  • Does not contain caffeine.

What dose to consume?

Tailor the dose to your daily energy and nutritional needs. However, the consumption of 30-90g of carbohydrates during exercise has been shown to have an ergogenic effect in medium and long duration sports. So, if you need 30g of carbohydrates per hour, you can consume 1 of our gels.

Nutritional facts


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