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Life Pro Clear Isolate Zero 800g

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Life Pro's Clear Isolate Zero is a whey isolate-based protein supplement with a very light texture and a variety of refreshing flavours, similar to that of a juice or non-carbonated soft drink.

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What is Life Pro Clear Isolate Zero?

Life Pro has designed the new way to take protein: Clear Isolate Zero is a patented protein designed to be mixed with water only. It has been formulated using Lacprodan Clearshake whey protein isolate, which has a concentration of 80%.

Protein is essential in the diet of anyone who includes physical activity in their daily life and wants to take care of their diet. Clear Isolate Zero provides an incredible source of this macronutrient, and meets daily requirements in the most optimal and complete way.

Life Pro's Clear Isolate Zero is available in a variety of innovative and delicious flavours, so you can choose your favourite, and enjoy the new way of taking protein.

Lacprodan Clearshake Whey Protein Isolate:

As a source of protein, Lacprodan's new patented Clear shake formula has been used. Unlike other proteins, it has a light, soft drink-like texture. As it comes from whey, a source of animal origin, it contains all 9 essential amino acids.

Whey protein isolate is characterised by its rapid absorption into the body and its good digestibility.

Who is Life Pro Clear Isolate Zero recommended for?

Life Pro Clear Isolate Zero is a protein supplement that stands out for its variety of flavours, and its innovative texture. It is an ideal alternative to conventional protein shakes, providing similar benefits, but with an improved texture. It is suitable for anyone looking for a protein powder supplement of the highest quality and purity to help meet daily protein requirements.

What are the benefits of Clear Isolate Zero Life Pro?

Quality of ingredients:

Protein concentration: it has a high concentration of over 80% depending on the flavour chosen. It is a high purity protein that has been derived from a proprietary formula.

The main benefit of protein isolate is the degree of purity it offers compared to other types of protein. It has a very low proportion of carbohydrates and fats. It contains no added sugars. It has been sweetened with sucralose. 


Its refreshing and light makes it easier to take, as it generates less heaviness than a conventional protein shake.

Source of high biological value:

It is a high biological value protein. It contains the 9 essential amino acids that the body cannot synthesise on its own.

Improved performance and recovery:

Protein is essential for the protein synthesis process. It helps to optimise the muscle recovery process after the end of physical activity in which the fibres have been damaged, promotes muscle mass gain and its maintenance.

How to take Clear Isolate Zero Life Pro?

Dissolve 25 g (1 scoop per 70 ml mark) in cold water (300 ml - 350 ml). Shake vigorously and wait 15 seconds for the foam to subside. If any lumps remain, shake again.

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