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What are minerals?

minerals are inorganic elements that are part of the structures of many body tissues and that our body cannot produce on its own. Minerals are part of the micronutrients. They must be ingested through diet or supplementation to avoid possible deficiencies.

They are essential for the correct functioning and development of the organism. Minerals represent between 4% and 5% of body weight.

In training, through sweat, large amounts of minerals are lost, which is important to put them in as they can help prevent fatigue, cramps, etc. 

We can find two types of minerals:

Macrominerals : made up of those minerals that our body needs in quantities greater than 100mg per day.

Microminerals : is made up of those minerals that the body needs in quantities of less than 100mg per day.

Although we can obtain minerals from our diet and food, it is common that, due to our current state of life, deficiencies of some or several of them can occur. A mineral supplement can be the ideal solution to avoid deficiencies.

What are minerals for?

They are necessary and involved in a large number of functions:

  • They help to regulate the water balance in the body
  • Form part of different structures: such as bones, teeth and muscles
  • They are part of enzymes
  • Needed for the transmission of nerve impulses
  • involved in the structure of DNA
  • Required for metabolism

Which minerals are the most important?

Electrolytes :

Chlorine, sodium and potassium. Especially important for athletes: they are lost through sweat and need to be replenished.

They have numerous functions: They are involved in the regulation of water in the body, blood pH, and it is essential to maintain adequate levels during high intensity physical activity


Calcium :

Helps protect bones and prevents osteoporosis and muscle cramps in athletes.

Iron :

It is necessary for cognitive functions and is involved in proper energy metabolism. It is also essential for the formation of haemoglobin and red blood cells. It helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue.

Magnesium :

Helps lower blood pressure, improves performance, prevents feelings of fatigue and improves calcium absorption in the bones.

Zinc :

Contributes to the formation of thyroid hormones, prevents hair loss and promotes muscle development.

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