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In the Endurance section you will find all those products that will improve your resistance . That is, they will provide you with extra energy sustained throughout the day and in your training routine.

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'Endurance' is a very prestigious range of products in the sports supplementation market . Its main objective is to significantly and effectively increase endurance as an essential attribute for athletes in certain disciplines. Although they have such a clearly defined goal, the reality is that endurance supplements have a very wide variety in terms of formulas and compounds used to delay the onset of exhaustion in the athlete as much as possible.As a result, there is the possibility to choose the ideal product for one's personal needs.

The fact that this category of supplements has become so professionalised shows that the whole industry is experiencing a great moment. To be able to have such specific products as endurance products, whose main demand comes from not very mainstream sports such as cycling or long-distance running, shows that specialisation has reached an optimal point in the sports nutrition sector .

What does endurance mean?

If you've got this far, you probably don't need anyone to explain to you what the term 'endurance' refers to. However, we're going to clarify it for those of you who are just starting out in the world of supplementation: 'endurance' is the literal English translation of the word 'resistance'. So all the products in this category will have as their primary objective - some will be beneficial in other ways as well - the improvement of the endurance capacity of the athlete.

Apart from its lexical meaning, the existence of a whole range of products as endurance has other implications, which serve to discover the extent to which supplementation has become professionalised in recent years.

The ability to create a range of supplements whose compositions focus exclusively on a specific goal such as increasing endurance is something we have come to expect, but this is a major breakthrough in the supplementation industry, as it means moving from general physical performance enhancement to being able to choose which attributes to enhance above all others.


In this way, every athlete now has a range of products from which he or she can choose, with great precision, which supplements meet his or her specific needs.

What is endurance?

As previously mentioned, it is very difficult to define the endurance category in its entirety, because within it there is a huge variety of different formulations, compounds and substances. This is because advances in research, development and scientific innovation have opened up many avenues in the quest to increase an athlete's endurance. All of these paths fulfil the same final function, but each of them does so through specific benefits, which will be more or less indicated according to the characteristics of the athlete.

The NutriMarket catalogue is a perfect demonstration of the possibilities offered by the endurance range, as it has a very wide offer. To exemplify this great variety, a division can be made which, although it is not entirely faithful to all the available alternatives, it does help to understand what the basic differences are between one product and another.

On the one hand, there are supplements designed to prepare the body to perform at its best in terms of endurance. 

The same goes for products containing slow-absorbing carbohydrates. They should be taken in the morning or some time before training, because their properties are released gradually, providing a sustained energy boost over time.

Unlike these, there are other products whose method of use is much more direct. The most classic are gels, made from energy substances that are absorbed quickly and provide their benefits almost immediately. They are ideal for taking during competition, as they do not cause digestive discomfort.

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