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Life Pro Endurance Recovery Pro 50g Muestra

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Life Pro Recovery Pro 800g Good recovery is key to sports performance and nutrition plays an essential role in this process, both to repair tissue damage and to promote the adaptations to training desired by every athlete.



What is Life Pro Endurance Recovery Pro?

It is important to provide the necessary nutrients to our body after the end of each workout. In its formula, there are different sources of rapidly absorbed carbohydrates, a source of top quality protein: Glanbia Provon 295 Whey Isolate and electrolytes.

Providing carbohydrates at the end of training is essential to ensure recovery. During physical activity, energy expenditure is very high, glycogen stores are depleted by providing energy and minerals are lost through sweat.

Hydro Pro belongs to Life Pro's new Endurance line of supplements. This range of sports supplements has been specially designed for endurance sports. It is recommended for all those who are looking for the optimal supply of nutrients to their body during long training sessions in order to promote recovery, maintain energy and improve performance.

Each container contains 800 grams of Pro Recovery. It is available in 3 different flavours: chocolate, vanilla and strawberry banana.

What are the benefits of Pro Recovery?

  • Improves the recovery process, the replenishment of glycogen stores, and minerals lost through sweat.
  • Carbohydrates: its formulation contains a combination of 3 carbohydrate sources: fructose, maltodextrin and fructose. They are rapidly absorbed and do not upset the stomach.
  • It is high in protein: each serving provides more than 13 grams of protein which contributes to muscle mass gain and recovery of damaged tissues.
  • High quality raw material: The protein source is of high quality; Glanbia Provon 295 whey isolate has been used.
  • Low fat content: Each 50 gram serving of Pro Recovery provides 0.2 grams of fat.
  • High quality of all raw materials: all raw materials are certified for quality and purity. For example, Creapure.
  • Helps to combat the onset of fatigue and accelerate the recovery process before the next workout.
  • It has been sweetened with Stevia: a sweetener that is safe for consumption.

What does Pro Recovery consist of?


Maltodextrin is derived from starch. It is a type of carbohydrate with a high glycaemic index: it increases the amount of glucose in the blood shortly after ingestion. It promotes rapid recovery of muscle and liver glycogen stores at the end of physical activity.

Fructose: is a simple carbohydrate, characterised by its rapid absorption and assimilation. It is found and obtained naturally in fruit. Its main benefit is that it favours the replenishment of hepatic glycogen deposits.

Glanbia Provon Whey Isolate 295

Protein is the macronutrient responsible for maintaining, building and repairing muscle tissue. It is vitally important in athletes and every day the body's requirements must be met.

Pro Recovery's protein source is of excellent quality. Glanbia Whey Isolate Provon 295 has been used. This is obtained by a process called CFM or Cross Flow Microfiltration.

This process allows us to obtain a protein from whey, with a higher level of purity compared to other types of protein, keeping all its nutritional properties intact and without denaturing the protein. Its lactose and fat content is practically non-existent as it is eliminated.

It has a high biological value: it contains the 9 essential amino acids and is highly digestible.

Electrolytes: contains sodium and potassium

Potassium and sodium are electrolytes, which are lost through sweat during physical exercise and must be replenished:

  • Sodium: among its main functions is the regulation of the state of hydration. It contributes to the prevention of dehydration, regulates blood pressure and is necessary for the absorption of glucose in the intestine.
  • Potassium: it is necessary for muscle contraction, prevents muscle cramps, regulates water balance and acts together with proteins to promote the process of protein synthesis.

When to take Pro Recovery?

The ideal time to take Pro Recovery is at the end of training.

Pro Recovery is a supplement that aims to promote the recovery of endurance athletes after physical exercise.

How to take Pro Recovery?

Add a 50 gram scoop of Pro Recovery to your water, milk or vegetable drink of choice. Mix and drink.

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