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Are you concerned about your fertility and looking to contribute to making your body a fertile environment?

Our products are dedicated to supporting fertility, both male and female, taking into account factors such as diet and age. Find the product that best suits your characteristics.

What factors affect fertility in men and how can they be addressed?

  • Issues with sperm (Low quantity or slow movement).
  • Chronic diseases or injuries to the testicles.
  • Unhealthy habits (tobacco and alcohol consumption), stress, overweight.
  • Exposure to chemicals and age.

To improve fertility in men, lifestyle changes such as a good diet, exercise, and avoiding alcohol and tobacco can be beneficial. In addition, specific treatments recommended by a doctor and supplements like those available at Life Pro will address male fertility with more chances of success.

What factors can influence women's fertility and when to seek medical help?

  • Hormonal issues such as PCOS or conditions like endometriosis.
  • Tobacco consumption, stress, weight, and age.

It is advisable to seek medical help if a woman is over 35, trying to conceive unsuccessfully for more than 6 months, has irregularities in the menstrual cycle, or has unhealthy lifestyle habits.

What are the different treatments available for couples with fertility problems?

There are medications to assist with ovulation, insemination techniques, or in vitro fertilization. Additionally, scientifically validated supplements can aid fertility for both men and women. Complementary therapies and lifestyle changes can also be useful.

How can diet and lifestyle affect fertility in both men and women?

Both diet and lifestyle are crucial for fertility. In women, diet, weight, and stress management influence a fertile environment. For men, a healthy diet improves sperm quality. Avoiding tobacco, alcohol, maintaining a healthy weight, and a balanced diet will be key for both genders.

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