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Believe it or not, putting fresh food in our mouths is becoming a luxury that we rarely allow ourselves, and not only because of its economic cost. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is becoming less and less common to go to a butcher's shop, for example, and buy the steaks you are going to cook for lunch. The convenience of a supermarket, where you can go once a month and stock up on everything you need, knowing that it won't go out of date for a long time, has made us forget that fresh products are there, at our disposal. And not only that, but they taste better and are much healthier. For all these reasons, at Nutrimarket we offer a wide variety of this type of food, ready to meet the needs of anyone who wants to escape from daily stress, eat well, and keep their body in good shape.

The canned food problem

Since it has become commonplace to buy canned food , many studies have tried to demonstrate the disadvantages of this practice, and the results have been very convincing: fresh produce manages to provide nutritional benefits that canned products never do.

There are many techniques for preserving almost any type of food, greatly extending the period during which it can be consumed without having lost all its properties or, directly, without being edible. But by far the most widely used are canning and freezing .

On the one hand, canned meals have the great advantage of being an option that can get anyone out of a hurry, because the only preparation process required is to open the container and, at most, heat or season the contents. This saves a lot of time, but at the cost of losing a lot of food quality. Both salt and sugar come into play during pre-canning treatment, significantly increasing the values that the food would have in its natural state; in addition to this, many preservatives are added, whose negative properties are known to all.

In the case of frozen products, the latter problem is reduced because fewer additives are used. However, it is very clear that when you expose anything to extreme cold, many of its characteristics are lost. And we are not only talking about nutritional values, but also about flavour, texture, etc.

As an illustrative example, we can talk about what happens with Vitamin C in spinach: a study showed that, when fresh , the amount of this component per 100g. is 40mg .; when frozen it goes down to 8.51mg. (almost 5 times less); while canned , the value is 9.59mg .

Fresh products to enjoy eating

As it could not be otherwise, in Nutrimarket we maintain our commitment to healthy eating and we want to provide real solutions. Thus, on the web you can find many fresh products that will remind you that there is life beyond the pantry and the freezer.

Organising a get-together with friends and burgers is no longer synonymous with a double training session the next day, because they come in all types: from the classic beef (with 98.5% lean beef ) to kebab meat. A great protein intake, which becomes even more positive when you consider that it is free of the additives that always accompany canned foods.

There is also no shortage of pizzas , a food that, if made with good quality products, can satisfy anyone. Fresh cheese and kebabs join a list that won't leave anyone with an empty stomach. Of course, it's quite possible that after tasting all this, the canned and frozen products won't taste the same to you; why don't you check it out? The minimum amount to be able to send fresh products is 50€ due to the fact that the products must be sent with refrigerated transport. (Cheese, Pizzas and Hamburgers)


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