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KRE-ALKALYN creatine is a chemical modification of the usual creatine monohydrate, modifying its pH (acidity), increasing its assimilation speed.

The kre-alkalyn creatine-based supplements are a solid and undeniable demonstration that the sports nutrition industry is reaching surprisingly high levels of professionalism. Until a few years ago, few people could even imagine that, within the supplementation industry, it would be possible for companies to invest a significant amount of money in the research and development of novel products to improve existing ones.

The appearance of kre-alkalyn makes it clear that, today, the scientific departments carry enormous weight in all major supplementation companies. This is for a very simple market reason: coming up with an innovation that really makes a leap in quality is the best way to put your brand at the top of the industry. In this case, creatine kre-alkalyn absolutely responds to that intention, since it arises to try to end a series of drawbacks of the classic creatine formula , called monohydrate .

What is creatine kre-alkalyn used for?

The name ' kre-alkalyn ' was created with a very clear objective: to improve the properties of traditional creatine monohydrate supplements. While it is true that these products have a great prestige in the sports nutrition market, there are two negative aspects that, if eliminated, would significantly increase the benefits offered: the loss of effectiveness due to the breakdown of creatine and fluid retention as the main side effect.

Perhaps the most difficult to fix, and the one that probably inspired the creators of creatine kre-alkalyn , has to do with the process of transformation of creatine into creatinine. When this substance reaches the stomach, part of it is broken down into creatinine, a compound that the body identifies as waste and eliminates in the urine. This process causes a percentage of the supplement's properties to be lost, reducing its effectiveness.

Many experts in the field have directed their studies to try to find the reasons why creatine tends to break down as it passes through the stomach, until they came to the conclusion that led to the appearance of kre-alkalyn : the fault lies with the acidity of the stomach pH.


Many experts in the field have conducted studies to try to find the reasons why creatine tends to break down as it passes through the stomach, until the conclusion was reached that led to the appearance of kre-alkalyn : stomach pH acidity is to blame.

With these results in hand, the researchers just needed to come up with a creatine formula that could counteract this acidity. The solution that convinced them the most was to add an alkaline substance that would raise the pH level when it reached the stomach, and the chosen one was sodium.

However, after several experiments that tried to test the efficacy of the new creatine formulation, it seems clear that the objective was not achieved. In fact, the results show a very strong similarity between the properties of creatine monohydrate and the kre-alkalyn formula , making it a different alternative, neither better nor worse.

The qualities of this type of supplement are very closely related to the physical performance itself. One of the most important functions of creatine is to ensure that the energy reserves of the muscles are always available. In other words, it keeps muscle 'fuel' at optimal levels. In this way, a creatine intake has a direct and positive influence on aspects such as strength, endurance and power, and also helps the body to enter a state called 'anabolism', through which recovery and the growth of lean mass is facilitated by the creation of new muscle fibres.

How to take creatine kre-alkalyn?

As explained above, creatine monohydrate and kre-alkalyn have almost identical properties, so it might seem reasonable to think that it makes no difference whether you take one or the other. However, there is one difference that, although superficial, can play a major role in deciding between the two formulas.

It is the method of taking these supplements. In the case of creatine monohydrate, there are two phases: the loading phase and the maintenance phase. This means that the first intake should contain a high dose, which will decrease over the days until a break is taken, and then a lower dose is taken on a regular basis.

Many athletes have problems with this methodology, especially at the beginning, as it requires constant awareness of the daily dose. In this respect, creatine kre-alkalyn does have one notable advantage: it eliminates the loading phase and is simply taken like any other food supplement, always maintaining the same dose .

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