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Protein creams are spreadable creams for your recipes or dishes, which stand out for their high protein content. Thanks to the wide variety and innovative flavors, which is increasing, they contribute to achieve good habits while enjoying the sweet taste.

What are protein spreads?

Protein spreads are made with selected, quality ingredients in order to be compatible for all kinds of purposes. They are the healthy and nutritious option to conventional spreads. Their creamy texture and delicious flavors make them the ideal ally to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

 Their texture is very creamy, they are made with different nuts and dried fruits and they are characterized by their low sugar content. 

What are the benefits of protein creams?

They help to reach the daily protein intake.

Each person has different daily protein requirements. It is important to meet them. Proteins are the most important macronutrient for people who do physical activity and sports. 

They are necessary to gain muscle mass and contribute to its maintenance. Protein creams have a high protein content that will make it easier to achieve these goals. In addition, it is the macronutrient that provides the greatest satiety. 

They favor the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.

It is important to maintain healthy habits in the long term. Protein creams, thanks to their innovative and wide variety of flavors, favor the following of a nutritional plan, diet and the maintenance of these habits without leaving behind your favorite sweet flavors.

Their composition: sugar-free.

The sugar content in protein creams is very low or non-existent. To achieve their flavors, different sweeteners are used, along with cocoa or other ingredients, in addition to nuts.

Nuts and dried fruits

They are the basis of protein creams. They provide texture, flavor and are a source of nutrients: especially vitamins and minerals. They are also a source of protein. They provide a great amount of satiety and are a source of healthy fats.

Who are protein creams recommended for?

Due to their properties and nutritional composition, high protein creams are compatible with a wide range of objectives. They are recommended for all those people who: 

  • Have the goal of losing fat.
  • Are looking to gain and maintain muscle mass.
  • Are looking for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Are trying to achieve greater adherence to the diet.
  • Want to increase the total amount of protein they eat.
  • Want to enjoy delicious flavors and varieties, without giving up sweets and taking care of themselves.
  • Reduce all or part of the sugar in their daily diet.

How to use protein creams? 

Protein creams can be used like any conventional cream. Some uses:

  • To spread on your toast.
  • In your smoothies you will achieve a more intense flavor and a creamier texture.
  • Together with yogurt or whipped cheese.
  • As a topping on biscuits, crackers or cakes.
  • With oatmeal, porridge.
  • In combination with fruit.

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