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Life Pro Fit Food Protein Cream Kit Crunch Cookie 250g

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Enjoy with the new Life Pro Fit Food Protein Cream Kit-Crunch Cookie, an exquisite chocolate and hazelnut cream rich in protein white chocolate and cookie flavor, don't miss it!!!

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Life Pro Fit Food Protein Cream Kit Crunch

Zero Cream Life Pro Fit Food

What is Life Pro Fit Food Protein Cream Kit-Crunch Cookie?

The best hazelnut cream for white chocolate and cookie lovers. The perfect blend with 21% protein isolate, no added sugars or artificial preservatives.

  • White chocolate and cookie flavor
  • A good protein intake
  • No artificial preservatives
  • Easy to spread.
  • With whey protein isolate

Features Protein Cream Kit-Crunch Cookie by Life Pro Fit Food?

  • With 566kcal per 100g
  • With only 1.9g of sugars per 100g
  • 21g of protein per 100 g.

We present you this exquisite chocolate cream made only with high-quality ingredients and a special formula that pampers and cares for your health. Its innovative composition contains less fat than a product with the same characteristics.

Who is Protein Cream Kit-Crunch Cookie suitable for?

Athletes and sportsmen who want a nutritious and high-quality treat.

Anyone who wants a tasty and healthy snack.

What makes the Protein Cream Kit-Crunch Cookie different?

With a new design patented by Life Pro Fit Food within the new Zero Cream line, these creams are made to be a perfect ally of sports nutrition with a large amount of amino acids that give you a faster and more effective absorption of active ingredients than competing products.

Format: 250g

Store in a cool and dry place.

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