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Herbal dietetics is a nutritional discipline that has been around for many, many years. However, the explosion of sports nutrition and supplementation has provided a boost that has relaunched this minority sector. The natural properties of certain plants, previously used only to improve aspects of general health and wellbeing, are increasingly being introduced into sports diets, as their benefits can be invaluable.

Major companies in the supplementation industry have relied on herbal dietary products, even creating production lines focused on this discipline. The truth is that their absolutely natural origin is a very striking feature, especially in these times when many people are trying to get as far away as possible from chemical elements, which are seen as harmful to health.

What is herbodietetics?

The concept of herbodietetics refers to a type of diet in which the so-called 'medicinal plants' are given all the prominence, with the aim of using their properties to improve health and prevent certain problems and illnesses.

Before discussing the application of this discipline to sport, it is absolutely necessary to point out the warnings being issued by various health organisations. Absolutely no natural remedy, such as this one, should ever replace the only real medicine, which is based 100% on solid scientific research.

It is true that improving your diet and using the benefits of certain plants is good for your wellbeing, but illnesses are treated with medicines, never with anything else.


In more sport-specific terms, it is clear that there is a growing synergy between supplementation and herbal nutrition. As mentioned in the introduction, these types of products are being seamlessly integrated into many sports nutrition companies, demonstrating that there is more that unites them than divides them.

In fact, if we think about the ultimate goal of both disciplines, the coincidence is practically total: both put their qualities at the service of the organism, so that it can take advantage of them and achieve optimal functioning. Herbodietetics does so to improve health, while supplementation aims to increase athletic performance, but ultimately the goal is the same.

How to take herbal supplements?

This question is impossible to answer concretely, but it does serve to talk about the enormous variety that exists in the world of herbal dietary supplements.

The NutriMarket catalogue is a perfect reflection of the breadth of possibilities offered by this nutritional discipline. Nature is boundless and, therefore, the products that come directly from it always have a very wide variety.

Brands such as Glorioso are specialised in bringing to any customer a series of very specific natural compounds that would be almost impossible to find outside a shop specialising in herbodietetics. Açai, acerola, chlorella or matcha tea are some examples.

Alongside these novel and eye-catching options, there are others that are much more everyday, but no less important, such as natural vitamin complexes or articles with melatonin, one of the most widely used ingredients to improve night's rest. All of them come directly from herbal dietetics, but there are also examples of products that are fully adapted to the world of sport: muscle repair products, formulas with vitamins and minerals to reduce fatigue, and even natural proteins from plants such as peas.

In short, the introduction of herbal dietetics into the sports nutrition market has, on the one hand, made athletes aware of and able to take advantage of the benefits of certain plants and, on the other, combined the two disciplines to produce useful and very healthy natural supplements.

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