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The raw material is the base with which all the supplements and supplements are elaborated. They are all those resources that will be transformed and combined later. 

Nutrimarket and raw materials

In Nutrimarket, especially in those products that have been developed first hand and own production, choosing a quality raw material, according to the requirements of each product, has been a decisive factor in positioning itself within the sector, and differentiate itself as a premium brand. 

After an exhaustive research and development process, the next step is the development of the supplement with the raw material, as well as the appropriate suppliers, who meet the requirements and provide the expected properties. 

The use of patented raw materials is a key aspect in achieving quality standards, ensuring that our supplements have a guarantee, as well as their efficacy and qualities. 

Our suppliers and the concept of quality

Having quality raw materials, knowing their origin, the different patents and the processes by which they have been obtained is essential to achieve the concept of quality.

In Nutrimarket, we know our suppliers, who have been rigorously selected and what are the conditions in which they are. In those products of own manufacture, having the knowledge about the raw materials we use, it is essential for all consumers to know what supplements are making use of, the purity with which they have and, at the production level, to have greater quality control. 

How can you tell if a supplement has patents? 

There are different ways to tell if a supplement or supplement has patented ingredients. To check, you only need to read the labelling, or look for different stamps or references of the patent and raw material used. 

Discover the most commonly used patents

Find out about the most relevant patents that our supplements include:

Fonterra whey isolate:

To produce one of the most demanded supplements, Nutrimarket New Pure Isolate Zero protein in different formats and flavours, Fonterra whey isolate has been selected as raw material. 

Fonterra has a quality and food safety system, with the aim of complying with rigorous quality standards, and offer a product according to the most demanding needs of consumers. 

This isolate is characterised by a high percentage of protein, great purity, incredible texture and magnificent flavour. All Fonterra manufacturing facilities are independently certified under a leading food safety management system.

Wheyco - the whey concentrate. 

To produce Nutrimarket New 100% Whey protein, Wheyco has been selected: it is a raw material of high quality, purity and with a range of properties.

Wheyco is a protein of German origin from milk, manufactured especially for the field of sports nutrition and the most rigorous demands of athletes.

This whey is characterised by a high percentage of protein, a great taste and a complete aminogram. It is derived from the whey of two cheeses in particular: Gouda and Edamer, which helps to maintain consistent quality.


A patented combination of digestive enzymes that have been derived from different microbial sources. Supplements that come especially from milk are enriched with Digezyme. Its purpose is to improve the digestion process and to avoid problems resulting from possible enzyme deficiencies.

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