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Sports tights are part of that group of products called 'accessories' which, most of the time, get much less attention than they should.Exercise routines, diet and nutritional supplements are the most important elements to take into account when starting to take sports activity more seriously, but there are other factors that should not be forgotten. The clothing is one of them and, within this, the tights are more important than is often thought.

To simplify the influence of this type of textile item on sporting life, two aspects can be mentioned: comfort and aesthetics. Both are always present when choosing a pair of tights, although once you have taken that step, it is difficult to be aware of the extent to which they have an impact on your physical exercises.

Comfort and performance

Have you ever had a particularly bad workout where you couldn't find the reason for it? The answer is probably yes, and the possible reasons are almost endless. However, one of the most common is closely related to the clothing you were wearing at the time. One of the characteristics of fitness has to do with repetition ; and that is that, as a general rule, a large part of the time of the sessions is dedicated to doing a movement over and over again. In this way, a simple rubbing of one of your garments goes from being a slight discomfort to a problem that can prevent you from performing at your best.

The specific case of sports tights is a good example, and the drawbacks can arise for many different reasons: the length of the legs, the width of the waist, the seams or the shape of the garment itself. Let's say that one of these variants, the seams, is not suitable and makes you feel a slight discomfort. When you try them on you might not even notice it, but when you get to the gym it's a different story.

Having to do repetitions on a leg machine, with seams that won't stop chafing, can have two results: stop doing those exercises or do them in an unnatural way , trying to change the posture to avoid chafing. In other words, will directly affect sports performance.

That's why choosing a pair of tights that you feel 100% comfortable in has to be a factor in your training.

The importance of aesthetics

While it is true that appearance is a minor value compared to comfort, many people need to feel good about their image to perform at the highest level. Obviously, clothing plays a decisive role in these cases, so the possibility of choosing between many different models becomes a necessity.

In that sense, the catalogue of Nutrimarket is ideal. The available options offer variety in the type of leotard (long or short), the material of manufacture, the shape of the garment and, above all, the design. From the classic black legging to models with skulls, military colours and sports brand logos, no one will fail to find a design that catches their eye.

Dressing like the elite athletes you look up to is a key factor for many people when making the decision to start taking physical activity seriously. We all like to look like professional athletes , so being able to choose leggings that remind you of one of your idols is a perfect excuse to start going to the gym and, little by little, consolidate a routine that will improve your fitness and, therefore, your health.

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