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What are energy bars?

energy bars are supplements that provide quick energy, designed to be taken before or during training to maintain energy levels.

This type of bars , have the main purpose of being a source of energy, delaying the onset of fatigue and replenishing glycogen stores before or after training. They can also be ideal to take at any time of the day when we need extra energy.

They also help the recovery of glycogen stores after training, as well as loading them before training


The energy bars are easily digested and absorbed due to the type of carbohydrate they contain, thus helping to avoid stomach upset. Some of them may have been made with complex carbohydrates, such as oats, in order to prolong the feeling of satiety.

Most energy bars are usually made with a cereal or nut and seed base, such as

Barras energéticas

When to take energy bars?

energy bars can be taken at different times and in different situations:

Before physical exercise : To ensure that we are counting the amount of energy and glycogen needed to perform the training and achieve optimal performance.

During physical exercise : Especially recommended for endurance and long duration sports where you want to avoid the onset of fatigue and have the necessary energy.

As a snack , either in the morning, together with a snack, as a dessert, etc. For an additional supply of energy to the body.

After training: Promotes recovery of tired muscles and glycogen stores.

Who are energy bars recommended for?

They are a healthy bar option recommended for endurance athletes, cycling , marathons, triathlons, etc. who want a rich and convenient source of energy to take.

It is also an ideal choice for people who want an extra boost of energy in their day-to-day life.

Which energy bars are better?

We can find different types of energy bars . The best are those that are well digested by our body, achieve our goals and provide the amount of energy needed at the desired time.

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