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Foods of animal origin, and more specifically meats , are one of the most important sources of proteins that exist in any type of diet. If we narrow the circle to the area of the famous sports nutrition, the prominence of this kind of dishes is very high. In this case, it is the beef protein that interests us, as it has some qualities that are very difficult to find in other types of meat.

The disadvantages of meat

Although it has a privileged position in the world of activity-oriented nutrition, there are a number of problems associated with meat that can hinder sports work and make it difficult to achieve optimal fitness.

The most well known is related to fats , especially when it comes to so-called 'saturated fats'. Their presence is a constant headache for sports nutrition because, if their proportion is not controlled, they can cause a series of detriments that cancel out the great progress that allows the properties of proteins to be achieved.

As an illustrative example, in a diet that aims at weight loss, protein intake could be very beneficial if it is not accompanied by fat , as this is precisely what is intended to be eliminated. In addition to this, if consumed in excess they can be negative for the circulatory or cardiovascular system.

In this context, it is necessary to explain that beef is a food with the capacity to allow our organism to use more than 90% of the amino acids it contains. We are talking about a remarkably high figure, which can be translated into an improvement in muscle performance due to certain qualities of proteins, such as the increased capacity for recovery of fibres and tissues after subjecting the body to training.

Knowing all this, a problem arises for any type of athlete: how to obtain the reinforcements of this type of macronutrient without them being accompanied by the hated fats? Scientific innovations in the world of sports nutrition provide a simple and accessible answer to this dilemma.

The solution: beef protein supplements

The sports supplementation has been established in the daily life of elite athletes by products like these, and having the possibility of taking proteins with a concentration of saturated fats as low as that offered in the articles of Nutrimarket , is a giant step to increase sports performance.

In addition to the different sizes, flavours and brands of the classic shakes available in our online shop, there is the option to try the pure beef burgers : strictly selected pieces of meat with which you can enjoy all its flavour knowing that they contain less than 1% fat . Beef protein raised to its maximum exponent.

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