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Post-workout recovery agents , vitargo, recovery gels, specific sports supplements for after training.


A muscle recuperator is a supplement) will prevent the onset of early fatigue, and help to keep glycogen stores constantly topped up.

- After training: after finishing exercise or high intensity physical activity. When the sensation of fatigue appears and we are muscularly exhausted. We will replenish glycogen deposits, promote the maintenance and development of muscle mass.

How to take a muscle recovery product?

The way to take a muscle recovery product will depend on the product chosen and its format: 

  • Ready-made gels or drinks do not need to be mixed with any liquid. They can be taken directly.
  • Powdered: it is recommended to dissolve in liquid: water, juice, etc. and to be able to combine according to our tastes and needs. We can find a great variety of different flavours in the market. 
  • In tablets or effervescent tablets: with water for easy ingestion or dissolved in water if effervescent.
  • Sticks: can be drunk directly, as they do not need to be mixed with any liquid.

What should a muscle recovery drink contain?

The combination of ingredients that a muscle recovery product should contain will depend on the type of product, its purpose, the manufacturer... There is no exact combination of quantities and components. 

We can find all kinds of mixtures. Each person must choose the one that best suits their needs and requirements, as well as taking into account other factors such as: the type of activity they do, their physiological state...

Recovery gels and isotonic, hypotonic and hypertonic drinks

  • Gels : energy gels are mainly used in endurance sports, such as cycling, triathlon, etc., as they provide a quick and easily digestible source of energy. They help to replenish glycogen and those used as intra-workout gels contain caffeine. Isotonic drinks: In their composition we can find a balance similar to that of our body in terms of sugars and electrolytes. They delay fatigue and prevent muscle cramps , providing between 6 and 8 grams of glucose per 100ml of product. 
  • Hypotonic drinks: these are used as intra-workout drinks. They have more sugars and potassium and less carbohydrates and electrolytes compared to those present in the body. 
  • Hypertonic drinks : drinks that concentrate a greater amount of dissolved substances, including water, carbohydrates and electrolyte when ingested, the body releases water to dilute the liquid ingested, to bring it to an isotonic state. 

Other recovery agents

Peruvian maca: from a plant native to Peru. Acts as a hormone regulator. Helps to increase energy, stamina and libido.

Which recovery product should I choose according to my sport?

In endurance sports it is mainly recommended to use recovery products in which carbohydrate intake is prioritised over protein intake, in this second case a lower percentage to avoid losing muscle mass, and to be able to maintain performance over time and keep glycogen deposits full or avoid emptying them as much as possible. 

Strength sports : It is important to combine the recovery drink you want to take with a good source of protein, either in the form of a shake or a solid meal. Muscle fibres are damaged during workouts, and we are looking for repair as well as maintenance and muscle growth.

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