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What are protein foods?

protein foods are those whose composition and nutritional values include a high protein content. Proteins are the macronutrient responsible for repairing the body's structures, building and maintaining them, e.g. muscle mass, skin, etc. They are made up of amino acids that are essential for the body to function properly. They are composed of two types of amino acids: essential and non-essential:

-The essential amino acids are those that the body cannot synthesise on its own, or in small quantities. They have to be supplied through the diet. They are essential for carrying out biological functions.

Non-essential amino acids are amino acids that the body can produce by itself.

The daily protein intake of an athlete

To calculate the grams per day you can use the following formulas:

  • Athletes: between 1,8 and 2,5 g x kilograms of body weight
  • Non-sporting people (according to WHO): 0.8 to 1 g x kilogram body weight.

The number of high-protein foods is increasing. A number of options require no preparation prior to consumption, making them convenient to carry, easy to eat on the go and helping to meet the nutritional goal.

What are protein-rich foods?

Protein-rich foods can be divided into two groups according to their origin: animal or plant. They differ mainly in the amount of essential amino acids present. Those of animal origin : have a high biological value, as they contain all the essential amino acids. For example, buttermilk, egg ...

of vegetable origin are usually lacking in one or more essential amino acids. Depending on the source, some may be more complete than others: soya, chia, rice.

Alimentos proteicos

Both options can be consumed through foods such as chicken, eggs (especially egg whites), fish, etc. or through supplementation (which usually facilitates their intake due to the shorter preparation time) as protein powder, which can be used in shakes, recipes, etc. and is often used to enrich and increase the protein value of bars, creams, fit sweets, etc.


What are high protein foods?

high protein foods are those whose protein content has been increased to be able to adapt to high protein diets, people who want to improve their habits, find healthier and more nutritious options.

We can find different types of protein in its composition. The two most common are whey protein and soy protein.

As more and more people are demanding this type of product, more and more options are coming to light. We can choose from a multitude of options, for example: from protein bars, chocolate creams with a high protein content, biscuits, protein pastas, pizza bases, functional foods, etc. 

How to consume protein foods?

protein foods can be consumed at any time of the day. Our body constantly needs proteins to carry out all the functions in which they are required. They help to maintain a varied and balanced diet. 

After training : it is important to provide the body with the necessary amount of protein to repair the damage to muscle tissue caused by training. It helps to build muscle mass. 

Before training : Muscles will perform protein synthesis much better, achieving a higher performance because fatigue will be delayed and the risk of muscle injury will be reduced. 

Nowadays, the timing of protein intakes has been dismantled as being particularly relevant. Whether we eat 1 meal a day or 5, the important thing is to get to the end of the day: the total count. 

What about vegan diets that can't consume whey?

There are protein foods that, instead of being made from whey, use other vegetable sources . An increasing number of people are following vegan diets. Soy protein, hemp, chia, rice, etc. are used


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