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Mr. Yummy Protein Muffin Triple Chocolate 45g

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Delicious chocolate muffin, Mr. Yummy Protein Muffin Triple Chocolate contains a high protein content, perfect for any moment. Try it and you will repeat. For sure.

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What is Mr. Yummy Muffin Triple Chocolate?

Mr. Yummy Muffin Triple Chocolate is the new healthy alternative to traditional muffins, ideal for breakfast, snacks or as a snack created by Mr. Yummy.

Now you can enjoy its unmistakable triple chocolate flavor!

It is the perfect choice for those athletes who want something sweet and healthy at the same time that fits their diet and contributes to the maintenance of good habits without giving up the delicious taste.

It provides an extra supply of protein and in higher quantities than other muffins, contributing to the maintenance and gain of muscle mass. 

It has a low sugar content.

It is free of trans fats, palm oil and preservatives.

It is 100% natural. Provides extra protein, contributing to the maintenance and gain of muscle mass.

  • 0% trans fats.
  • 0% Added sugars.
  • 0% cholesterol.
  • 0% preservatives.

Allergens: contains egg, gluten and milk. May contain traces of nuts.

Are chocolate muffins bad for your health?

Muffins have a bad reputation for being very high in calories, fat and sugar. While many store-bought muffins have a lot of calories - typically around 400 or more each, you can easily fit Mr. Yummy's muffin into a healthy eating plan.

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