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A pre workout without caffeine is a sports supplement that is designed to be taken before a workout. It is characterized by the fact that it does not contain any stimulant substances.

What is a caffeine free preworkout?

This type of pre-workout has amino acids or carbohydrates as its main source, which can have different effects. They are usually aimed at increasing pump, vasodilation and athletic performance.

Among their most common composition, we find creatine, tyrosine, beta alanine, taurine, BCAAS etc.   They contain other ingredients that help to improve blood flow, improve concentration and increase your energy in a lighter way and without affecting the central nervous system.

This type of stimulant-free pre-workout is recommended for people who have a low tolerance to caffeine or other stimulant substances such as guarana.

It is also ideal for training close to sleeping hours because it does not contain any stimulant compounds and therefore does not interfere with sleep or rest. It is the alternative for people who want to benefit from a pre-workout but are sensitive to caffeine or do not wish to take caffeine.

Benefits of caffeine free preworkouts?

  • Its composition can be very varied: in it we find bcaas, amino acids such as taurine etc, creatine, nitric oxide, carbohydrates etc.
  • Its objectives can be very broad depending on the formulation: vasodilation, strength increase, etc.
  • The pre-workouts with vasodilators : they improve blood flow to the muscles as well as circulation: this increase of oxygen present in the blood, recovery can be improved. 
  • Its content in amino acids , such as BCAAS or EEAA: they promote protein synthesis and an anabolic environment that benefits muscle mass gain.

How to take a caffeine free pre-workout?

The recommended dosage of pre workout depends on the individual and the tolerance to each ingredient. It is recommended to read the product label carefully. 

It is recommended to take the caffeine-free pre-workout 20 to 40 minutes before training.

Caffeine-free pre-workouts are recommended for all people who are sensitive or intolerant to caffeine, are unloaded or do not wish to consume caffeine.

This type of pre-workout can be consumed at times close to sleep as it does not interfere with rest.

They avoid the side effects of caffeine that people sensitive to it may feel, such as vomiting, nausea, dizziness, etc.

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