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Life Pro Rage Pro 290g Caffeine Free

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Life Pro Rage is a new stimulant-free pre-workout formulated with patented Oxystorm Amaranth Extract and Citrulline Malate. 

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What is Life Pro Rage?

Choosing the right pre-workout for your needs is a key factor in performance and improvement. Rage has been formulated with carefully selected ingredients to offer you the best results. It has the Oxystorm patent.

Rage is a state-of-the-art pre-workout, which has been designed with the objective of providing an improvement in sports performance, while increasing muscle congestion, without caffeine or stimulant substances.

Each intake provides 8 grams of Citrulline Malate and 4 grams of dry extract of Amaranth.

It has been designed in 2 different flavors: Lollipop and Energy. Rage is recommended for people with low tolerance to caffeine or other stimulant substances. It is also the most suitable choice for workouts close to sleeping hours, as it will not impair sleep or rest afterwards.

What are the benefits of Life Pro Rage?

Increased Muscle Engorgement

Oxystorm Amaranth dry extract in conjunction with citrulline malate, increase vasodilation, as they are precursors of nitric oxide and arginine. As a result, the congestion or pump achieved during and at the end of training is much greater. 

Innovative formulation, patented ingredients. 

All the components used for the formulation of Rage have been rigorously selected to achieve those that meet the highest quality standards and have the necessary properties and characteristics. The dry extract of Amaranth has the Oxystorm patent.

No stimulants.

Does not contain caffeine. Does not interfere with sleep or rest hours. It is an ally for people who do not want to consume caffeine or who have low tolerance. 

It favors performance improvement.

It improves strength and endurance levels and allows a longer training time: it helps to postpone the onset of fatigue and tiredness, even though it does not contain stimulants. This is due to the increased delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the muscle tissue. 

What are the components of Life Pro Rage?

Oxystorm Amaranth Dry Extract: 

  • Formulated under the Oxystorm patent, which ensures quality standards and high purity.
  • Promotes vasodilation and pump sensation.
  • Contributes to increased performance.
  • Promotes the arrival of nutrients and oxygen to the muscles. 
  • Promotes optimal recovery

L-citrulline malate: 

  • Arises from a combination of two elements: a non-essential amino acid, citrulline with malate salt. 
  • It promotes muscle engorgement or pump during and after workouts. 
  • It is a precursor of L-arginine and nitric oxide.
  • Increases vasodilation 
  • Increases the arrival of nutrients and oxygen to the muscular tissues. 
  • Acts synergistically with Amaranth dry extract. 

Energy and Lollipop: the flavors of Rage. 

Life Pro Rage has been sweetened in its 2 flavors with sucralose, a sweetener suitable for diabetics because it does not influence glycemia or blood sugar concentration. It is obtained from sucrose. It does not contain aspartame or other sweeteners.

Life Pro Rage has been designed in two different flavorsEnergy: an intense energy drink flavor and Lollipop: a deliciously sweet, cherry, lollipop-like flavor.

Sucralose has the ability to sweeten 500 to 600 times more than conventional sugar. It does not contain any calories. 

It does not alter hunger and the level of toxicity it presents is very low since it has been proven that certain sweeteners can increase appetite levels.

When to take Life Pro Rage?

What differentiates Rage from other pre-workouts with stimulants is that it can be taken close to sleep, without interfering with rest. Life Pro Rage is recommended for all people who are sensitive to caffeine, are unloaded or do not wish to consume it.

How to take Life Pro Rage?

Dissolve 18 g (2 scoops up to the 20ml mark) in water or juice (200 ml - 250 ml). Take 20 minutes to 1 hour before training.

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