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Do you need help controlling your appetite?

Our range of products to regulate appetite, created with the utmost scientific rigor, helps reduce the desire to overeat, promoting a proper balance in food intake and fostering a healthy relationship with food.

What are some effective techniques to control appetite and avoid cravings?

  • Controlling how often we eat can be an effective technique to avoid cravings between meals, assuming certain eating schedules.
  • Drinking liquids such as water or low-calorie beverages when experiencing appetite can create a feeling of fullness in the stomach.
  • Including healthy fats in the diet (nuts, seeds, olive oil) and increasing protein intake can increase the feeling of satiety.
  • Reducing the consumption of hyperpalatable foods or junk food that excessively stimulate appetite.

What daily habits can help control appetite and maintain a balanced diet?

Habits such as eating at regular times, opting for protein and fiber-rich foods, drinking enough water, eating slowly, choosing healthy snacks, and managing stress are habits that can help control appetite.

Are there specific tips for reducing appetite during work or study hours?

Having a nutritious breakfast with high protein and fiber content, keeping unhealthy foods away from the workspace or study area, and consuming tea or coffee without sugar can help suppress appetite and provide energy during these hours.

What are the most recommended strategies to avoid overeating during meals?

Eating mindfully and slowly, controlling portions, drinking water before meals, planning meals, not being too restrictive, and organizing meal and snack times are recommended strategies to avoid overeating during meals.

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