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One of the most common problems in people who follow a strict sports nutrition regime is the monotony in their meals. In fact, it is often the excuse many people give for skipping their diet, or even stopping their diet altogether. But thanks to the great advances that are being made in the world of healthy foods, this inconvenience is disappearing. One of the most significant examples to prove it are the low calorie sauces , and in Nutrimarket we have a huge variety.

The problem of sauces

Traditionally, all types of sauces have been at the top of the list of products least suitable for a fitness lifestyle, especially those that come pre-packaged, which have far greater drawbacks than homemade sauces.Why do so many nutritionists agree on this point? Let us explain.

To begin with, the most important reason has to do with the calorie intake that sauces provide to the dish they accompany. One of the most detrimental points is, moreover, something inevitable in the consumption of this product: they are never eaten on their own. In other words, they are always served as a complement, accompanying some other food. Thus, they represent an increase in calories that, on many occasions, turn a nutritionally valid option into a calorie bomb ; with the aggravating factor that, in most cases, they are empty calories , from which our body will not get any benefit.

On the other hand, we have sugars, one of the biggest enemies of sports nutrition and, in general, of any diet. However, due to its powerful flavour-enhancing properties, it is an element that is always present in conventional sauces. In the specific case of ketchup , the sauce par excellence, the proportion of sugar amounts to 24 grams per 100 grams of product. Considering that, according to the World Health Organisation, it is recommended to reduce the intake of added sugars to a maximum of 5% of the caloric intake, this proportion seems even more exaggerated.

Fats, preservatives, colourings and all kinds of additives that do not do our bodies any favours are also on this list . In short, we are talking about one of the least recommendable foods when it comes to sports health. Obviously - and as mentioned before - there are important differences between packaged sauces and homemade ones, as the latter do not usually cause too many nutritional problems; but it is also very true that the percentage of people who take the time to make homemade mustard is very low, especially when you can buy it in any supermarket for a very affordable price.

The solution: low-calorie sauces

After seeing all the problems caused by the consumption of sauces, it is time to consider how to replace them . Can anyone imagine a hamburger without ketchup, mayonnaise or mustard, a Caesar salad without the condiment that gives it its name? And what about pancakes that can't have syrup of any kind? Whether it's meat, fish, pasta, salad or dessert, sauces seem to be present in all kinds of dishes, so getting away from them can be a nightmare. But at Nutrimarket , the solution is simple: our low-calorie sauces.

From chocolate syrup to the spicy touch of barbecue, without forgetting any of the classics: ketchup, caesar, mayonnaise, mustard, soya and a long etcetera, complemented with less common touches such as garlic sauce, honey and mustard sauce or peanut butter. All of them free of saturated fats and sugars, and with minimal caloric values. You can forget about doing the maths to find out if you can afford that tasty touch you miss so much in your meals today. In fact, the only problem you'll have is wondering which of all our sauces to choose, so good luck with it!


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