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Sauzero Zero Bbq American Burger With Pickles 310ml

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Life Pro's Sauzero Zero BBQ American Burger with Pickles is here! is a barbecue sauce designed to deliver authentic barbecue flavour without the calories! With a 310ml bottle, this sauce is the perfect choice for adding flavour to your meats and vegetables without worrying about excess fat or sugar. Enjoy your meals guilt-free with this diet-friendly barbecue sauce.

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Benefits of low calorie barbecue sauce

What makes Sauzero Zero BBQ American Burger with Pickles 310 ml special?

  • Fitness version of Traditional BBQ: This BBQ sauce contains no fat or added sugars and is low in calories, making it ideal for low calorie or weight loss diets.
  • Inspired by authentic American BBQ: Enjoy the traditional smoky flavour with a special touch of pickles for a unique twist.
  • Perfect for meats and vegetables: Ideal for use with grilled meats, burgers, or as a marinade for healthy dishes. Also perfect for grilled vegetables.
  • High natural tomato content: Made with quality ingredients and a high percentage of natural tomato concentrate for an authentic taste.
  • Suitable for vegans: With no animal ingredients, this sauce is perfect for vegetarians and vegans.

Improved consistency with Texan inspiration

Sauzero's Traditional BBQ recipe has the perfect consistency and texture, neither too runny nor too thick, ideal for all types of meals. It is based on the traditional American recipe and made with quality ingredients to ensure an authentic taste.

Low calorie barbecue sauce

Try Sauzero Zero BBQ American Burger with Pickles, the fitness version of barbecue sauce that contains no added sugars or fats, with the lowest calorie content you'll find. Ideal for use as a marinade or side dish, your healthy BBQ sauce is here to add a delicious touch to all your meals!

And thanks to its spice-free recipe, it's perfect for the whole family, even the little ones.

Ideal dishes to combine with Sauzero Zero BBQ American Burger with Pickles 310 ml

  • Burgers with a BBQ twist: Give your burgers a twist by adding this sauce as a topping. The touch of pickles gives it an irresistible taste.
  • Grilled or baked chicken: Use this sauce to marinate chicken before cooking for a juicy and tasty result.
  • Grilled or roasted vegetables: Add this sauce to your favourite vegetables for extra flavour.
  • BBQ ribs: Use it as a side sauce for your ribs and enjoy authentic flavour without the extra calories.
  • Pizzas with a BBQ twist: Add this sauce to your homemade pizzas for a unique BBQ twist.

Directions for use and storage

Add 1 serving of the sauce (20 grams) to your dishes and recipes for a delicious touch. Store in a cool, dry place, and once opened, keep refrigerated and use within one month.

Nutritional facts


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