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Life Pro Ankle Strap Premium Cuff

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Ankle Strap Premium Cuff is the accessory designed to improve grip, lifting weights and performing different strength exercises. They feature a D-hook.

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What are Ankle Strap Premium Cuff Encore?

The new Encore Ankle Strap grips provide greater grip and comfort when performing strength exercises. They feature a D-shaped metal hook, with the aim of improving the grip and grip, more easily the bars or be used in pulleys.

Premium Cuff is the ideal complement to improve grip strength, helping to avoid direct contact on the material, prevent chafing or discomfort and provide support.

Each pack includes 2 units. One size fits all.

Can be used for the following exercises:

  • Pulley rowing.
  • Pulley shoulder exercises.
  • Lateral pull downs.
  • Gluteal kicks on pulley.

The advantages of training with Ankle Strap  Premium Cuff Encore.

  • Optimised workouts.
  • They have a steel ring, in the shape of a D.
  • Can be used on all types of machines with pulleys.
  • Improved grip strength.
  • They help lifts to be performed more efficiently.
  • They contribute to the lifting of a greater weight,
  • Provide safety.
  • Protect from injuries or chafing that may occur due to direct contact with the material.


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