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Life Pro Advanced Caffeine 200mg 90 Vegancaps

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Life Pro Advanced Caffeine is a caffeine-based supplement that provides energy and helps reduce fatigue and tiredness, improving the quality of your workouts and your results. It contains 200mg of caffeine anhydrous per capsule.

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What is Life Pro Advanced Caffeine?

Life Pro Advanced Caffeine 200mg is composed of caffeine anhydrous, designed to be consumed before any physical activity to increase strength and endurance in a state of muscle fatigue. Another benefit would be to promote lipolysis and in turn facilitate the loss of weight and body fat.

Caffeine is an alkaloid that acts as a central nervous system stimulant; we are used to think that is is only found or extracted from coffee, but it is also found for example in guarana.

Caffeine is a substance known mainly for its central nervous system stimulant properties. It is an alkaloid that belongs to the xanthine family, a group of substances with stimulant properties that are found naturally in certain plant species together with theophylline and theobromine, present in coffee, tea, cocoa, guarana berries and kola nuts.

In general terms, it is characterized by delaying the sensation of fatigue and drowsiness, as well as increasing alertness.

Caffeine is used to improve physical performance in strength, endurance and high intensity sports. Its use promotes fat burning and is capable of increasing the intensity of the effort made. 

Life Pro Advanced Caffeine 200mg can be one of your allies when it comes to increasing energy and getting the most out of every workout.

This product contains 200mg of caffeine anhydrous in each serving.

What are the benefits of Life Pro Advanced Caffeine?

Improved performance in endurance and strength sports: because it inhibits adenosine, the receptor that makes us feel tired. 

It contributes to increase energy levels and postpone the feeling of tiredness. It is one of the most used natural supplements as pre-training in many sports due to its versatility and great effects.

It acts as a thermogenic. It is common for people with the objective of fat loss to consume caffeine. It can help weight loss along with a caloric deficit and physical activity.

Stimulates the central nervous system: it increases performance, not only physical, but also cognitive and concentration abilities. It can improve your energy levels during the day and support daily activities.

Increased concentration: it can improve concentration levels because caffeine acts by increasing mental focus.

Increased alertness and improved cognitive function. A large number of people use it for driving, studying etc.

Being a substance that releases endorphins and dopamine, it has an antidepressant effect.

It contributes to postpone the feeling of fatigue and therefore to increase performance.

Increases heart and respiratory rate.

It delays fatigue, reduces pain sensations and increases effort and power, increases the oxidation of fatty acids, provides a feeling of energy and improves the ability to concentrate.

How long does it take for Life Pro Advanced Caffeine to work?

There are more than 1 type of caffeine. Depending on the characteristics attributed to each one, the time of absorption and assimilation in the organism is different. The caffeine contained in Advanced Caffeine is the type of caffeine called anhydrous

The term refers to the fact that it is dehydrated, it does not contain water. Because of this factor it is one of the fastest absorbed types of caffeine. 

In an average of 5 to 10 minutes its effects can begin to be felt.

How does caffeine act in the organism?

It acts by inhibiting the adenosine receptors, since caffeine has a molecular structure very similar to them, specifically the A1 receptors (distributed throughout the central nervous system), caffeine produces its stimulant effects and excitation through the release of the tonic inhibition of dopamine, and the A2A receptors located in regions rich in dopaminergic neurons.

Depending on the person's tolerance to caffeine, the effects will be more or less noticeable.

To eliminate it, the organism will need a longer or shorter period of time depending on factors such as age, physiological state, tolerance, quantity consumed, medications, etc. The average is from two to eight hours until its complete elimination.

Does Advanced Caffeine break the fast?

No, caffeine does not break the fast. Caffeine is a substance that has no calories in its composition and does not contribute any macronutrients. It is perfectly suitable.

During fasting, you should avoid consuming anything that raises insulin levels (carbohydrates and proteins). If you do not want to break the fasting state, it is not recommended if we choose coffee as a source, mix it with sugar, milk etc..

It is compatible with intermittent fasting.

When is it advisable to take caffeine?

It is recommended to take caffeine mainly in the morning and in the middle of the day. Each person has a different tolerance and each case should be individualized.

Its use is not recommended in the evening hours as it can interfere with rest and sleep conciliation.

Instructions for use

Take one capsule of 200mg preferably in the morning, and if possible, before any physical activity.

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