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Life Pro Fit Food Butter Flavor Spray Oil 250 Ml.

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Life Pro Spray Oil is an innovative butter-flavored spray oil that allows you to add just the right amount and make a clean, precise application when cooking your favorite dishes and recipes.

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LIFE PRO FIT-FOOD butter flavor comes in a convenient aerosol container that avoids wasting a single drop of oil and a clean and precise application. 

The oil it contains is extra virgin olive oil. One of the best quality oils on the market. It has an incredible lemon flavor to give a touch to your dishes and recipes.

It avoids excess calories, since many times, when we add oil without measuring the amount, we can be adding quantities from 200 to 500 calories, even more, to our dishes and avoid achieving a caloric deficit.

Cooking with oil spray is a healthy alternative to reduce caloric intake or total oil consumption in dishes and preparations. Life Pro Oil Spray allows to have a better control and to dose the exact and right amount of oil we want, besides giving a barbecue touch that enriches and adds flavor to our dishes.

Thanks to the convenient spray format, we will keep our kitchen clean more easily, it takes care of our pans or containers preventing food from sticking and providing all the properties of 100% extra virgin natural olive oil.

Each dose contributes 13.5 calories to our dishes.

Olive oil has been used by the people of the Mediterranean for more than 3000 years and its beneficial properties for health are well known, as well as its delicious flavor for gastronomy. It brings a unique and delicious flavor to food, as well as numerous benefits thanks to its content of healthy fatty acids for the organism.

Olive oil is obtained from the fruit of the olive tree through various processes applied to the olives, physical and mechanical, to extract the oil without altering the final product and its quality.


  • The extra virgin olive oil has a high oleic acid content, present in 80% of its composition, and is produced with the first cold press of olives.
  • Life Pro's Olive Oil Spray is of the highest quality with 0.3º maximum acidity and cold pressed.
  • It is a source of oleic acid. A type of unsaturated fat that provides multiple benefits to the body. It contributes to significantly reduce the level of bad cholesterol or LDL in the blood, preventing cardiovascular diseases and improving blood circulation. 
  • Unsaturated fatty acids are those present in vegetable oils. They are part of the composition of extra virgin olive oil and are of vital importance to carry out the vital functions of the organism. These acids are further divided into monounsaturated and polyunsaturated. 
  • Olive oil is rich in polyphenols, substances that are part of its composition and have numerous antioxidant properties. They improve the immune system. Antioxidants are responsible for fighting free radicals.
  • Polyphenols, together with oleic acid, contribute to reduce and prevent cardiovascular diseases, as well as various types of cancer, together with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.
  • It is a source of vitamin E, a natural antioxidant that prevents oxidative stress. It prevents cell deterioration and aging. It is also rich in vitamin A, D and K that contribute to the improvement of the absorption of certain minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and zinc in the body.
  • Vitamin A: contributes to the development of bones and tissues such as skin, helps to improve the immune system, to maintain a correct sight and to avoid problems related to vision.
  • Vitamin D: few foods contain vitamin D since the main source is the sun. It contributes to the absorption of calcium in the body and to the maintenance of healthy and strong bones, preventing the onset of diseases such as arthritis.
  • Vitamin K: it regulates blood coagulation, reduces the risk of cardiovascular problems and maintains the bones in good condition.
  • It also provides an important source of energy. Oil is one of the most calorie-dense foods in the world. It provides energy and calories to carry out the tasks and physical activity of our day to day.


Life Pro Oil Spray, apart from providing and maintaining all the nutritional properties of extra virgin olive oil, has been flavored with an incredible butter flavor.

It is ideal for use in dishes such as chicken or meat, even your homemade popcorn, as it will perfectly accompany its flavor. It avoids adding excess and enhances the aroma of food.

It is also available in 5 more flavors: Barbecue, Garlic, Lemon, Truffle and Natural - try them all! 


Life Pro Oil Spray comes in a convenient spray dispenser that allows you to ration the amount you want to use.

It allows you to add to your dishes, pans or places where you want to use it, just the right amount to avoid sticking, to acquire its delicious flavor and nutritious properties, but without exceeding the number of total calories.

Unlike the open dispenser of the traditional olive oil format, which allows you to add quantities without having any real control, with each application of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spray, you will only add 13.5 calories. 

Each bottle contains 250 ml of extra virgin olive oil.


The multitude of antioxidant properties:

Extra virgin olive oil has a multitude of antioxidant properties thanks to its composition: its vitamin and oleic fatty acid content. It contributes to fight against free radicals that are generated in the body by various factors, for example, the practice of physical activity.

Free radicals can cause cardiovascular diseases, accelerate aging, increase the risk of certain types of cancer or accentuate the appearance of other types of diseases. 

Anti-inflammatory properties:

Olive oil has anti-inflammatory properties that can help improve the state of possible inflammation and pain.

Reduces cholesterol levels:

Being a source of monounsaturated fats, it helps protect against bad cholesterol or LDL. It contributes to significantly reduce the level of bad cholesterol or LDL in the blood, preventing cardiovascular diseases and improving blood circulation.

Among the beneficial effects for the organism we can also highlight among them.

Circulatory system: Helps prevent arteriosclerosis and its risks.

Digestive system: Improves the functioning of the stomach and pancreas.

Skin: Protects and tones the epidermis.

Endocrine system: Facilitates metabolic functions.

Bone System: Helps in the absorption of calcium and mineralization. It protects and maintains the correct state of the bones.

It is a source of vitamins: it provides large amounts of vitamin E, a natural antioxidant that prevents oxidative stress. It prevents cell deterioration and aging.

It also provides vitamin A, which helps the correct functioning of the heart and other organs, vitamin D, which contributes to the absorption of calcium in the bones, and vitamin K, which prevents the onset of various diseases.


People in bulking phase: extra virgin olive oil can provide those calories necessary to achieve a caloric surplus in people who have the goal of gaining muscle mass. It all depends on the quantities used.

People in leaning phase: thanks to the spray format that allows to dose the quantities better than if we used the oil by eye or without measuring it, it allows to reduce the total calorie intake since we will decide exactly the amount of product that we want to use. It helps to reduce the calorie intake and to achieve the necessary deficit to lose fat.

Those people who want to improve their habits: extra virgin olive oil is a source of healthy fatty acids that our organism needs. It can be an interesting option to improve eating habits and incorporate sources of healthy fats and avoid the use of refined oils. 

People who want to reduce their caloric intake: adding a light coating that will prevent food from sticking without the need to add huge amounts of oil. 

Olive oil lovers who want to innovate: thanks to its innovative flavor and aroma, it allows us to add a differentiating touch to our dishes and recipes while maintaining the interesting properties of extra virgin olive oil.


Olive oil is a food that has been used in the Mediterranean diet for thousands of years in the past. To continue innovating, Life Pro has decided to launch a new way to consume your favorite spray, in spray format to make it more convenient and practical to use.

In addition, its innovative flavor and aroma is what differentiates it from other oil sprays. It has a high quality since it has been elaborated with extra virgin olive oil of the best quality.

Life Pro Oil Spray has been designed in a convenient metal container that keeps the properties of the oil intact, with an aerosol dispenser that avoids wasting a single drop of oil and a clean and precise application.

The extra virgin olive oil has a high oleic acid content, present in 80% of its composition, and is produced with the first cold press of olives.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100% of the highest quality with 0, 3º maximum acidity.

It is of exceptional quality and purity, Life Pro spray oil contains no preservatives or additives. Its flavor is exceptional.


To produce extra virgin olive oil, it is first necessary to select the olives once they are ripe, which are then ground or crushed.

Then, the oil extraction process is continued by pressing the paste obtained in the previous step. Any impurities are removed by a final filtering before storage.

The quality extra virgin olive oil should have a bright, golden color. It will be stored and once the necessary quality controls have been passed, it is bottled.

It keeps all the properties of natural olives. Finally, the 250 ml quantity contained in each spray is dosed and packaged. The aromas are added according to the selected flavor.


LIFE PRO FIT-FOOD olive oil with barbecue flavor is ideal to add in all your recipes where you want to enjoy a delicious barbecue flavor and aroma.

It is ideal to be used in:

Griddles, to prevent food from sticking or adhering to the surface and to reduce the amount of oil to the maximum, avoiding frying food.

Dressings in salads, pastas, meats, etc. providing an incredible aroma and enjoying the properties of the oil.

Shine in your dishes: just by spraying a thin layer, it will bring shine to your salads, meats or dishes of choice.

Aromatize your meals: in this case, with its delicious barbecue aroma that will not go unnoticed.

Prevents any type of food from sticking to surfaces, from molds, frying pans, baking trays, etc.

It saves a lot of oil since the amount used is not wasted and just the right amount is applied.

Instructions for use: shake before use. Remove the cap that protects the spray nozzle and spray the desired amount of oil on the desired surface or food. It is ideal to add to all your dishes.

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