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Encore Fitness Kit Elastic Bands 10 Pieces

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Encore Fitness latex bands are the ideal sports accessory for anyone who wants to start building resistance into their workouts. 

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It is an easy, practical and effective method that will allow you to strengthen and make your muscles more flexible.

Encore Fitness elastic bands (latex ropes) allow you to train all muscle groups by applying different resistances: biceps, triceps, gluteus, quadriceps, shoulder... they provide an infinite number of possibilities and exercises.

They are designed with ultra-resistant materials to withstand the most demanding workouts.

They are very comfortable to carry. The Encore bands come in a black cloth bag in which you can store them for easy transport. 

You can use them at home, at the gym or anywhere, as they are very comfortable to carry, so you will have no excuse not to train! You can also use them to warm up. 

How to use the elastic bands?

  • The Encore Fitness pack contains 5 bands with different resistances. Choose the one you are going to train with.
  • The ideal band for each exercise will be the one that allows you to perform the desired number of sets and repetitions. 
  • They allow you to perform strength and intensity work adapted to the strength and individual conditions of each person.
  • Depending on the exercise to be performed, the next step is to choose the grip: hand grip, leg grip or door grip. 
  • Attach the chosen band to the metal grip and that's it. And you can start training. 

How to choose the resistance bands?

  • This pack contains 5 bands of different colours: red, yellow, blue, black and green.
  • Each colour refers to a higher or lower resistance. They allow you to adapt the degree of intensity to the physical condition of each person. Take into account your level and the objective you wish to achieve before choosing one.
  • Choose the one that allows you to work at the desired intensity.  
  • If you are going to stretch, choose a lower intensity band. 
  • For strength training or higher intensity workouts, increase the resistance depending on your strength and experience. 

Where to buy resistance bands? 

In Nutrimarket you can buy this complete pack of 5 bands of different resistances and 5 grips, along with a cloth bag to carry them.

The ideal complement for your workouts at your fingertips.


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