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Life Pro Balancing Table

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The Encore Balance Board helps to improve balance and core stability.

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What is the Encore Fitness Balance Board?

The Encore Fitness Balance Board is a blue semi-sphere designed for functional training, improving balance and body stability or even adding difficulty to exercises.

You can use it on both sides: it has a stable and an unstable base. You can choose one or the other depending on the training and type of exercise to be performed, 

You can perform exercises and workouts either sitting, standing, jumping or kneeling.

It has two grips that you can adjust on the sides to increase resistance. 

It also has an inflator to inflate the hemisphere easily and comfortably.

It has eight non-slip feet on its flat base to prevent slipping and improve grip. 

What is the Encore Fitness balance board for?

  • The Encore balance board allows you to perform a wide variety of exercises that you can adapt according to your condition, the benefits or results you want to achieve.
  • You can use it and include it in your workouts, to do push-ups, squats, strides or any functional exercise, as well as to improve your balance.
  • The balance board helps to strengthen the abdominal part, coordination, balance and body awareness. The abdominals are the muscles responsible for stabilising the body.
  • By working on an unstable surface, you will increase your coordination and balance.
  • It can be used for the rehabilitation of muscle areas after injuries.


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