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Life Pro Creatine Monohydrate 200mesh 300g Lollipop

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Life Pro Nutrition Creatine Monohydrate, with one of the best micronizations on the market, offers 200MESH 300g of creatine monohydrate with a lollipop flavor.

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What is Life Pro Creatine Monohydrate 200MESH 300g?

Life Pro Creatine Monohydrate 300g is a supplement based on Creatine Monohydrate, micronized, in a 300g format. It is one of the most effective supplements, backed by scientific evidence that has demonstrated its benefits and properties to improve strength, recovery and muscle gain. The creatin used has been micronized, which gives it greater solubility in water and a considerable absorption in the organism, since the particles that make it up are much smaller. In addition, it has the highest micronization available on the market: 200 Mesh. It is a high-level professional supplement that allows you to enjoy the benefits of an easily absorbable creatine, ideal for athletes of strength and explosiveness disciplines who seek to increase their performance.

What are the properties of Life Pro Creatine Monohydrate 200MESH 300g?

Life Pro Creatine Monohydrate has the highest micronization rate available in the market: 200 Mesh. Micronization is a process that reduces the size of creatine particles increasing its absorption in the organism. Creatine is made up of three amino acids: methionine, glycine and arginine. Naturally it is synthesized in the organism in certain quantities. The main functions of creatine are the production of phosphocreatine and protein synthesis. Creatine increases the presence of phosphocreatine in the organism, the fuel used to support the most explosive efforts. It also promotes muscle gain and maintenance.

What are the benefits of Life Pro Nutrition Creatine Monohydrate 200MESH 300g?

  • Supplement with greater scientific evidence.
  • Micronized creatine. 200 Mesh. Highest micronization rate on the market.
  • Increases the production of phosphocreatine.
  • Improves strength
  • Contributes to the increase of muscle power.
  • Facilitates protein synthesis.
  • Increases muscle performance.

How to take Life Pro Creatine Monohydrate 200MESH 300g?

The dose of Creatine Monohydrate that each person must take varies depending on body weight. The recommended dose is 0.1grams per kilogram. For example, if your weight is 65kg, the amount consumed per dose will be 6.5 grams. Creatine Monohydrate, like other types of creatine, acts by saturation. It is recommended to take this supplement continuously on training days and rest days.

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