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Life Pro Hydro Provon 1kg

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Due to its high quality and purity, this protein will provide all the essential amino acids your body needs.

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Now with an improved formula: Life Pro Hydro Provon is a protein solution that's easily absorbed, enriched with the Tolerase complex, enhancing the digestive process, promoting digestive health, and optimizing protein utilization in your body.

  • Greater bioavailability
  • Greater purity
  • Greater quality

Boost your well-being with Life Pro.

Join the Revolution with Life Pro Hydro Provon.

There's no comparison: Life Pro Hydro Provon is the ultimate Hydrolized protein on the market. Ideal for complementing your workouts and a balanced diet, aiding muscle mass increase. This Whey Hydro Iso is perfect for:

  • Regular exercisers.
  • Athletes of various sports disciplines.
  • Individuals engaged in strength training or hypertrophy.
  • Those needing to meet daily protein requirements.
  • People looking to avoid any adverse stomach symptoms.

This isolated whey protein allows for a PURE whey, reducing much of the fat and lactose, as well as eliminating unwanted substances. Additionally, being hydrolyzed, it facilitates digestion and absorption by breaking down protein blocks into peptides.

What Makes Life Pro Hydro Provon the Highest-Quality Protein on the Market?

  • Complete digestibility percentage of its essential amino acids (DIAAs). This whey protein isolate hydrolyzate ensures optimal assimilation.
  • Protein concentration: Life Pro Hydro Provon offers high purity, minimizing the presence of other macronutrients such as fats and carbohydrates.
  • High satiety index: Protein is highly satiating, which is beneficial for maintaining calorie control in the diet.
  • Fast absorption: This new hydrolyzed protein has one of the fastest absorption rates on the market.
  • High biological value: It's a protein of high biological value, being a source of animal protein with all essential amino acids in its aminogram.
  • Tolerase Complex: Life Pro Whey has been enriched with Tolerase, a patented blend of digestive enzymes that improves digestion and nutrient absorption, reducing stomach discomfort.

A protein source at the forefront of the market

Life Pro Hydro Provon has a protein concentration of up to between 75% and 80%, depending on the flavour. Unlike other powdered proteins, it only uses highly bioavailable protein sources. It's the protein with the most advanced formula on the market.

  • Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate: Life Pro Hydro Provon uses a whey protein isolate that has been subjected to controlled hydrolysis, ensuring rapid absorption and smooth digestion.
  • High digestibility: Thanks to its advanced formulation, this protein is easily digested, allowing rapid delivery of nutrients to the muscles to aid recovery and muscle growth.
  • Complete Amino Acid Profile: Life Pro Hydro Provon provides all essential and non-essential amino acids necessary for the development and maintenance of lean muscle mass.
  • Lactose-free: This protein is suitable for people with lactose intolerance or those wishing to avoid it.
  • Improved flavour: Available in a variety of delicious flavours, Life Pro Hydro Provon offers an exceptional sensory experience.
  • Instant Solubility: It easily mixes in water, milk, or other liquids, ensuring a smooth and creamy texture without lumps.

Benefits of Life Pro Hydro Provon

  • Maintenance and increase of muscle mass: Helps maintain and increase lean muscle mass, promoting definition and muscle growth.
  • Muscle recovery: Ideal for consumption after training, it reduces recovery time and maximizes post-workout muscle recovery.
  • Support for weight loss: Low in carbohydrates and fats, it's ideal for controlling calorie intake while maintaining a high protein consumption.

How to Take Life Pro Hydro Provon?

Dissolve 30 g (1 scoop = 30 g) in water or skimmed milk (200 ml - 250 ml). Take 1-2 servings per day, preferably one in the morning and one after training. The most common way to consume concentrated protein is dissolved in water, milk, or vegetable drinks such as soy, rice, or almonds. The amount of liquid depends on each person's preferences. Each scoop of Life Pro Hydro Isolate contains 30 grams.

In summary, Life Pro Hydro Provon is a high-quality Hydro Whey protein, formulated with an advanced whey protein isolate hydrolyzate. This protein, also known as hydro isolate, provides rapid absorption and impeccable digestion, thanks to its controlled hydrolysis process. With a complete amino acid profile and excellent instant solubility, Life Pro Hydro Provon is an ideal choice for athletes looking to maximize performance and optimize muscle recovery.

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