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Coming from the Netherlands, the company Bolero has positioned itself as one of the references in everything related to the hydration of the athlete. Being well hydrated is one of the decisive factors in improving physical performance and avoiding injuries, and the company has specialised in the production of its own brand of items dedicated exclusively to healthy hydration.

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This approach, clearly aimed at the world of sport, can be seen in such important details as the existence, on its website, of a section offering Bolero sachets whose characteristics meet the needs of athletes, whatever their level of professionalism.

However, the brand's catalogue is suitable for everyone. Its distinguishing features have to do with the elimination of harmful elements such as excess sugars or calories, which are present in a large part of the drinks that are commonly consumed. This, together with a dizzying variety, with more than 60 Bolero flavours available , positions the company as a healthy alternative to traditional soft drinks.

Bolero drinks and hydration in sport

Water is one of the basic elements in our lives. We are made up of more than 60% of this vital element and, therefore, any activity can be influenced - for better or worse - by the level of hydration at any given moment.

When it comes to sports, this is even more evident for several reasons.

The two most obvious and important are, on the one hand, that when the body is performing intense exercise , its functioning is more demanding and consumes more resources; on the other hand, one of the body's automatic responses to physical activity is sweating, through which fluids are lost, making their replenishment more urgent.

For these reasons, it is key to introduce the concept of hydration into the world of sports nutrition. While it is true that a very high proportion of professionals in this sector are aware of this need, there are some cases in which the nutrients from the food itself (food) take all the attention and leave aside the adequate supply of liquids.

The subject of sweating has already been mentioned, but its relevance is such that it never hurts to go into detail. There are many variants that come into play when it comes to the body activating these mechanisms, which depend on temperature, humidity or exercise intensity, among other things; but studies have shown that one hour of running can result in a fluid loss of up to 1.8 litres .

To put this in perspective, the recommended amount of water for an adult is 2 litres per day . In other words, a simple 60-minute run can cause you to sweat almost as much as you need to drink in 24 hours.

The reported benefits of good hydration are total, as it avoids problems of all kinds, from heat stroke to muscle injuries. In addition, it improves the transport of nutrients, which will reach their destination more effectively and will lead to an increase in muscular, energetic, structural functions, etc.

Bolero Drinks against the problems of sugary soft drinks

We are living in an era in which disorders related to poor nutrition have become one of the most serious problems in our society. The causes are many, but the normalisation of sugary soft drinks is one of the most common. These products have gone from being an occasional occurrence to becoming established as a constant in far too many households, and their health hazards are dangerous.

A good example is their influence on the skyrocketing obesity rate, a consequence of their rapidly absorbed sugar content. Combined with calories that are not easily identified by the body, they cause the feeling of satiety to disappear and the body to ask for more food.

Little by little, awareness against soft drinks of this type is growing and, as a result, healthy alternatives such as Bolero are emerging . It has already been mentioned that one of its objectives is to offer products that meet minimum health criteria, and the data show that this is being achieved.

Bolero's drinks have eliminated excess calories and sugars to levels that were hard to imagine: they contain less than 2 kilocalories and less than 1 gram of carbohydrates (including sugars) per 100 millilitres. And they don't stop there, because the ingredients used to make them also provide important benefits. Stevia - which helps to control cholesterol, sugar levels and blood pressure - together with vitamin C - one of the best natural antioxidants - add a number of valuable properties.

In short, Bolero flavoured sachets are a perfect alternative for anyone who is 'bored' of drinking water. With over 60 varieties, you won't get tired of it and you'll always have something new to try. It can also be used to make healthy desserts, ice cream or, if you're an athlete, to mix with nutritional shakes.

What are Bolero drinks?

Bolero is an instant drink in a sachet that when mixed with water (1.5 to 2 litres) allows you to create healthy soft drinks . They are available in more than 70 different flavours .


. Are bolero drinks good?

Bolero drinks do not contain sugar, gluten or lactose. They are low in calories , and have no preservatives. They are sweetened with Stevia and enriched with vitamin C. They are suitable for all types of diets.

Are bolero drinks healthy?

Yes, they are ideal for all kinds of people who want to enjoy a wide variety of flavours, refreshing, taking care of their health and increasing water consumption and therefore, hydration .

Where to buy bolero drinks?

In Nutrimarket we offer you Bolero drinks . Choose from a wide variety of flavours. Choose your favourite or combine several of them, from the most classic to Bolero Boost with caffeine.

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