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Life Pro Sportswear is a line of sportswear and sportswear designed especially for fitness, bodybuilding, running, ...

We manufacture our products with thick fabrics to protect you, but at the same time being soft and elastic to allow any movement, exercise or work with machines.

All our products are characterised by providing a maximum adaptation to the body, offering comfort and style. They adapt to your silhouette accentuating areas such as the buttocks in the case of the tights, and diminishing others, with comfortable designs, elegant and resistant perfect for workouts and gym sessions.

One of the characteristics that differentiate them is the great comfort due to their elastic fabric, as they are composed of a mixture of elastic fibres supplex and spandex, which allow you to perform any exercise without offering resistance and with minimum wear and maximum durability.


Supplex : is an advanced fibre technology that is crease-free, breathable and quick-drying so it does not stay wet with sweat and provides more elasticity than cotton. They are not damaged by washing and last for a very long time. 

This fabric contains a greater amount of filaments than nylon so it achieves a softness similar to cotton with the resistance of nylon, this means that it fits perfectly to the body, it can expand up to 40% of its original size and after washing it returns to its original size.

Spandex : also known as elastane or lycra is a synthetic fibre known for its great elasticity and strength.

Some of our products, in particular some models of leggings, are designed to enhance the buttocks area, as they have a cut that slims the figure and a compressive sash, leaving the lumbar and abdomen area fixed. The models of tights and trousers: according to their length we find:

  • full leg
  • half leg
  • shorts

The models we offer have a high waist cut and high rise . Their seams do not chafe and are perfect for the practice of any sport.

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