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Vikika Gold is the project born from the fusion of the sports nutrition leader Amix and the experience and knowledge of the well known Vikika (Veronica Costa) , the number 1 reference in healthy lifestyle in Spain and one of the top ten in the world.

Vikika GOLD

What is Vikika Gold?

VIKIKA GOLD is a true revolution in the food supplements sector, as it is aimed directly at women who are aware and active in the importance of following the healthiest possible lifestyle habits.

Vikika and Nutricosmetics

With a unique and very functional aesthetic, focused on today's woman, Vikika Gold is positioned as a pioneer in lines of advanced Nutricosmetics and supplementation 100% aimed at women who care about taking care of themselves from the inside out and pursue their goals.

Vikika Gold Tips

Vikika Gold remembers : For complete health we need to lead as healthy a lifestyle as possible, accompanied by a balanced diet and daily exercise.

Who is the Vikika Gold product range for?

Vikika Gold is a brand created for women who take care of their health through healthy habits , not only through exercise but also through healthy eating. The new products of the well-known Vikika, come to give the push that women need to be fitter and have a better performance.

What are the characteristics of Vikika GOLD products?

  • Endorsed by the well-known supplement brand Amix .
  • Among the best prices in the world of nutricosmetics.
  • Various flavours and models to satisfy any type of person.
  • High quality products .
  • Only the best raw materials .

Buy Vikika Gold in Nutrimarket

In Nutrimarket you will find the best offers of Vikika Gold products, we are official distributors of the brand. Let yourself be guided by the opinions of our customers, without cheating or deception. When you buy Vikika Gold products on our website, you can choose several gifts .

Vikika GOLD

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