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Nutrimarket New Micellar Casein 200g

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Nutrimarket New Micellar Casein is a supplement based on one of the most special types of protein: micellar casein. Its main characteristics include slow release and anti-catabolic action, making it an essential product to avoid losing muscle mass during long periods of fasting.



Composition of Nutrimarket New Micellar Casein 

This product contains micellar casein.

What is it used for?

Nutrimarket New Micellar Casein is a supplement with very special characteristics, as it is a type of protein whose properties clearly differentiate it from the rest. While it is true that we always talk about the anti-catabolic action of any protein product, micellar casein is undoubtedly the compound par excellence when it comes to protecting muscles against catabolism.

On the other hand, this substance is digested very slowly by the body. In fact, it is often referred to as 'slow-release protein'.

Combining these two characteristics, the result is that Nutrimarket New Micellar Casein is a supplement that has the ability to protect muscle tissue more effectively and for a much longer period of time than ordinary proteins. It is therefore ideal for times when you are going to go several hours without being able to eat, a context in which it is much easier to suffer catabolic degradation in muscle mass due to a lack of 'fuel' (food). The best example is the hours of sleep.

In short, Nutrimarket New Casein Micellar is the perfect supplement for all those athletes who need to keep their muscle mass intact without having to be ingesting protein every little time.

Benefits of Nutrimarket New Casein Micellar 

  • Anti-catabolic substance.
  • Slow release. 
  • Contains amino acids.
  • Protects muscles for longer.
  • Low in fat.


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