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Encore Band Pink

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ENCORE ABDOMINAL BAND PINK is an abdominal slimming girdle that shapes the abdomen and waist. ABDOMINAL BANDPINK controls movement, prevents injuries. Very comfortable to wear. 

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The Encore Fitness Pink Girdle is an essential sports accessory to prevent injuries and improve the quality of your workouts, thanks to the fact that it offers good support and comfort for the core.

Thanks to its structure, it allows you to maintain the correct posture when exercising and lifting weights, avoiding injuries.

The main objective of the Encore sports girdle is to allow controlled movements, avoiding injuries, tears, back pain or hernias when lifting weights.

The Encore girdle is suitable for use in the gym, stabilising the spine and abdominal area in exercises involving weights, especially those that require a certain level. 

Its design

  • Its design contains mouldable inner rods for a better fit, comfort during use and improved structural support efficiency. 
  • It is lightweight and breathable. Made of durable, quality materials.
  • They provide adequate rigidity to firmly support the lower back. 
  • The fabric: the main layer is made of elastic lycra, which guarantees a high durability of the girdle and a correct ventilation to the body during its use Sizes
  • The measurements are indicative according to your waist size: it is available in sizes S, M and L.


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