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Life Pro Pill Box

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The Life Pro Pill Box is the new accessory that allows you to take your supplements in tablet or tablet form anywhere you go.


What is the Life Pro Pill Box?

It is the ideal space-saving accessory. You no longer need to carry all the containers and bottles of your favorite supplements in tablet or tablet format to different locations. The new Life Pro pill dispenser is designed to help you save and optimize space.

It is a must-have accessory for anyone who enjoys supplements in this format. It has 7 different compartments: you can insert each week's supplements, or up to 7 different supplements.

It is convenient and easy to store and carry everywhere. Its blue design is eye-catching and vibrant. It has been designed with strong and durable materials. 

How to use the Life Pro Pill Box?

Select the capsules or tablets of the supplements you want to carry and insert them into the different compartments according to your preferences.


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