Monster Energy Ultra White Zero 500ml

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Non-carbonated energy drink with taurine, ginseng, caffeine, l-carnitine and B vitamins with sweeteners. Slightly less sweet, lighter tasting, zero calories, but with a full load of our Monster Energy Blend.  


How much caffeine is in a Monster Zero Ultra?

Monster Zero Ultra is a taming beast.

The Ultra Zero is set at 1400 mg. per serving or 2800 mg. per can. This is the same as the Monster Zero Ultra and puts the caffeine content at 140 mg per can.

How much caffeine is in a 500 ml can of Monster?

Original Monster - 500ml can

Monster Energy has one of the highest caffeine and sugar levels of the drinks studied, with 160mg of caffeine in a 500ml can - about four times more than a shot of Espresso. The drink also has the equivalent of 13 teaspoons of sugar.

How many calories are in a Monster Zero Ultra?

Zero calories. 473 ml.

What is the sweetener in Monster Zero Ultra?

There is no sugar in Monster Zero Ultra (as the name implies). Instead, artificial sweeteners such as erythritol and sucralose are added to make it taste like something other than sparkling water. The same natural flavors are added to the Zero variety as well to get the same Monster Energy taste.

Does it make you gain weight?

The truth about calorie-free beverages and foods. Body weight comes from calories, so when you eat or drink something with zero calories, you gain zero weight? In fact, with the exception of water, any zero-calorie food or beverage you consume can lead not to weight loss, but weight gain.


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