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Monster Energy is one of the world's most recognised energy drink brands . In fact, so much so that it is now seen as much more than just a brand of energy drinks; it sponsors major sporting events, its logo appears on clothing around the world, it even has its own video game: Monster Energy Supercross .

Although the composition of its products is quite similar to the rest of companies operating in this industry, the difference that makes it stand out above the rest is its huge variety of flavors available, both in our country and in other national markets. Therefore, from NutriMarket we want to offer you the most surprising and delicious flavours of Monster Energy Spain .

Monster Energy Spain and the problem of energy drinks

Energy drinks are experiencing a very contradictory phenomenon that, on the one hand, has made their sales grow significantly while, on the other hand, has surrounded the sector with a kind of mistrust, suspicion and even fear.

This is because they are becoming a fashionable product, especially among very young people who really like the taste.

The problem with this is that both Monster Energy Drink and the other products of this type are created and designed to satisfy a series of needs specific to sportsmen and women.This peculiarity means that its composition is specifically focused on this target audience, with a number of substances that, in this context, are beneficial.

It is very important to emphasise the nuance of the context, because these are ingredients that, if misused, have negative health consequences.

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