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Biotech USA is a sports nutrition company of Hungarian origin. Since its beginnings, the company has focused its efforts on specialising in supplementation aimed at the elite athlete, but over time its catalogue has expanded to cover practically all the nutritional needs of any person, whether they are professional athletes or not.

The numbers that the brand manages are the perfect example of the popularity it has achieved. It has been around since 1999 and, probably thanks to the fact that it was born at such an early time for the sector, it has grown in parallel to it until today it is at the top of the sports nutrition .It is present in around 70 countries, among which its 130 franchise shops are distributed. In other words, it has managed to take its products to almost every corner of the world, something that can only be achieved with very high levels of variety and quality.

Biotech USA leaves no one out

From the same Biotech USA website , the company makes clear its intention to reach out to all types of customers, moving away from an excessive specialisation that could make the brand be seen as an option only for professionals. Thus, when describing themselves, they state that they seek to "offer an alternative for anyone who practises all kinds of sports, whether professionally or as a hobby".

To do this, it is essential to have a very wide range in terms of product variety, and the reality is that they more than meet this requirement: the brand offers approximately 600 different products. It is impressive to think that sports nutrition has reached a point of development where so much diversity is possible, but Biotech USA is the perfect example of the results of years of research and innovation in this field.

It is worth noting that, among the many options available, the company did not want to forget about all those who have more specific needs. So that no one is left out, there are gluten-free, lactose-free or vegan-friendly alternatives, so that problems such as coeliac disease or intolerances of this type will not be an obstacle to supplementing your workouts.

Quality and variety at the forefront

With regard to the products themselves, it is impossible to mention all the elements that make up the endless list of variants offered by the Hungarian firm, but there are some of them that stand out above the rest, and serve as an example to make clear the common denominator that unites them all: professionalism and quality.

Iso Whey Zero is probably the icing on Biotech USA's cake. It is a whey protein isolate that has been stripped of sugar, lactose and gluten to suppress any digestion discomfort. It contains a tremendous 84% protein, accompanied by BCAA's, which makes this product a true prodigy of sports nutrition. But it doesn't end there, as it has 19 different flavours, ranging from classics such as chocolate or strawberry, to novelties such as cheesecake with lemon, pistachio or piña colada.

The catalogue is very well separated by different ranges, each one aimed at a very specific type of needs. This makes it easy to find the ideal supplement for each moment and person, something that could seem very complicated when dealing with a brand with so many articles. The visual aspect takes centre stage here, as the colour of the packaging provides valuable information about its contents. For example, carnitines come in jars with pink details; proteins are blue; amino acids are yellow; and muscle-building products, such as carbohydrates, are differentiated by the purple of their labels and lids.

In summary, Biotech USA is one of the best options available in all aspects of sports supplementation . In addition, it has accessories, t-shirts, shakers, etc. to get a complete equipment to improve your athletic performance at an amazing speed. There are many things to highlight about their products, but just giving the most important details of the brand is enough to show you that you have to give them a chance. The rest of the work is done by the high quality of each of their supplements .

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