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Biocop Muesli Krunchy Apple Cinnamon 600g is a perfect choice for breakfast or a snack for athletes. A delicious combination of oats, apple, sultanas and cinnamon that provides the vitality boost you need to face the day with energy.

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Composition of Biocop Muesli Krunchy Apple Cinnamon 600g

This product contains whole oat flakes (61%), cane sugar, sunflower oil (11%), whole wheat flakes, extruded rice (rice, malted barley, sea salt), wheat glucose syrup, apple (3.9%), sultanas (2%), apple syrup (1.1%), cinnamon (0.5%), sea salt. All ingredients are organically grown.

What is it for?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This phrase has become part of our culture, and the reality is that it conveys a very important idea. Without a proper breakfast, it is difficult to face the day with sufficient energy.

In the case of athletes, this is even more important, as their energy expenditure is higher than average. Biocop Muesli Krunchy Apple Cinnamon 600g is a product that emerges as an ideal option to meet this need, as its composition has been designed to achieve optimum nutritional qualities in this regard.

The most important feature of Biocop Muesli Krunchy Apple Cinnamon 600g is its high oat content, a cereal that is extremely valuable for its natural properties. Thanks to its presence, this product provides the body with a high amount of slowly absorbed carbohydrates. The main benefit it offers is a sustained energy boost over time, as these carbohydrates are absorbed by the body very gradually, providing its qualities over a long period.

In addition, Biocop Muesli Krunchy Apple Cinnamon 600g contains sultanas, apple and cinnamon, three ingredients that give it a touch of delicious flavour.

Contribute to responsible consumption with Biocop products, as their ingredients are of organic origin, respecting and caring for the environment.

Benefits of Biocop Muesli Krunchy Apple Cinnamon Krunchy 600g

  • Ideal for breakfast for sportsmen and women.
  • Rich in slow-absorption carbohydrates.
  • With apple, sultanas and cinnamon.
  • All ingredients come from organic farming.
  • Product for responsible consumption.
  • Provides sustained extra energy over time.

Nutritional facts


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