Biocop Pizza Base Thin Spelt Wheat Dough 3 Units

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Biocop Spelt Wheat Pizza Base is the ultimate proof that eating pizza doesn't have to be bad for your health or your diet. It is made with spelt from organic farming.


Composition of Biocop Spelt Wheat Pizza Base

This product is made with spelt wheat flour, wholemeal spelt wheat flour, extra virgin olive oil, yeast, water and salt.

What is it for?

Biocop proves day by day that healthy and environmentally friendly food is becoming more and more accessible. Products such as its Spelt Wheat Pizza Base are the perfect alternatives to many of the foods we usually have in our diets. In fact, pizza is one of those dishes that is most easily forbidden, but with Biocop it is no longer necessary to give it up.

Thanks to the fact that it is made with spelt, it has a series of very valuable properties for everyone. It is one of the richest cereals in terms of nutritional values. If we compare it with wheat - one of the most commonly used - the result is overwhelming: spelt has more protein, more fibre, more carbohydrates, more minerals and more vitamins.

Biocop Spelt Wheat Pizza Base contains the 8 essential amino acids, nutrients that cannot be synthesised by our organism, so they have to be supplied from outside.

Benefits of Biocop Spelt Wheat Pizza Base

  •          Ingredients from organic farming.
  •          Made from spelt.
  •          Rich in carbohydrates, proteins, fibre, minerals and vitamins.
  •          Contains the 8 essential amino acids.

Nutritional facts


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