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Life Pro Elektro New 400g

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Life Pro New Elektro 400g is now available, get the best pre-workout in an easy to use and ready to consume format. Life Pro New Elektro 400g is specifically formulated to meet the physiological requirements, giving the athlete the possibility of obtaining greater performance in their training sessions. Buy the most up-to-date and contrasted pre-workout at the hands of the most rigorous international scientific evidence.

  • Composition: The composition of this product is made from citrulline malate (2:1 ratio), beta-alanine, L-taurine, caffeine anhydrous, peppermint extract standardised in menthol, black pepper extract (bioperine ^tm) and electrolytes.
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What is Life Pro New Elektro 400g PRE-WORKOUT FOR?

Elektro is a pre-workout whose main objective is to guarantee physical performance thanks to different mechanisms, among which we can find:

  • Redistribution of blood flow, improving the athlete's muscular contraction.
  • Reduction of the perception of effort.
  • Increased recovery capacity during training, as well as optimal activation levels during our training.

Why is Life Pro New Elektro 400g the most powerful Pre workout?

Life Pro New Elektro 400g is designed from the ingredients with the greatest benefit and impact on physical performance, making it one of the best pre-workouts available today.

The main reason for this is that it is one of the few pre-workouts to contain 2:1 citrulline malate, which is considered to be the most studied and most beneficial citrulline dosage ratio to date.

But what is citrulline malate and why is it considered the best natural pre-workout?

Citrulline malate acts as a potent vasodilator that activates nitric oxide, improving muscle contraction and blood circulation, thereby significantly reducing fatigue. This is why citrulline malate is considered an essential ingredient if we are looking for the best pre-workout to optimise our workouts in a sustainable way.

Along with the citrulline malate compound we can find:

  • Peppermint extract: Life Pro New Elektro 400g will bring freshness to your workouts by being able to reduce systemic fatigue and reduce the perception of effort during the process in which we were performing strenuous tasks, all thanks to its menthol content.
  • Compounds with the objective of activation and tolerance to metabolic fatigue: In this sense, Life Pro New Elektro 400g will allow the athlete to achieve an optimum degree of activation by combining a moderate dose of caffeine of 200 mg with piperine (bioperine^tm) and taurine, also avoiding excessive over-excitation and potentiation of the attentional focus activation during intense training.

In turn, beta-alanine, through the generation of paraesthesia (a mild tingling sensation in the skin), has the capacity to increase the athlete's degree of alertness, and its continuous administration is also positive as a metabolic "stopper", i.e. reducing metabolic fatigue in different types of exercise of moderate duration, where fatigue is mainly peripheral.

On the other hand, the inclusion of taurine may also serve other purposes, such as reducing fatigue and post-exercise muscle damage, so Life Pro New Elektro 400g not only boosts your workouts, but also improves your recovery.

In short, the aim of taking Life Pro New Elektro 400g is to boost your workouts, allowing you to perform better and better, optimising your objectives in your training sessions. Valid as pre-workout for women as well as pre-workout for men, indistinctly.

Pre-workout and post-workout - what's the difference?

It is vital to understand the difference between a pre-workout and a post-workout, as the objectives sought are very different from one to the other.

A pre-workout offers the possibility of reducing the perception of effort, improving activation and focus, as well as pump or performance by promoting muscle contraction during training. On the other hand, a post-workout has as its main role to replenish glycogen, help against inflammation and muscle damage (recover) and rehydrate.

Benefits that can be obtained by taking Elektro pre-trainer

The main benefits of taking Life Pro New Elektro 400g are as follows:

  • Improve muscle strength during training
  • Improve endurance and fatigue tolerance.
  • Improved recovery during and after the training session.
  • Increase and enhancement of training volume and intensity.
  • Increased feeling of recovery, fullness and freshness during training.
  • Increased activation and prolonged attentional focus on the sporting task.

Pre workout recommendations

Side effects to be aware of:

  • If you are receiving any type of mediation consult with your physician before making use of this supplement.

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