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Life Pro Fit Food Oil Spray 200ml

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Buy extra virgin olive oil Life Pro Fit Food Oil Spray 200 ml. Flavoured oils are increasingly present in today's society, taking our recipes to a new level. Get your hands on our oil without additives or artificial flavourings. Enter the world of olive oil with natural aromas and highlight your dishes with an authentic flavour in a healthy way.

Now available in various flavours that will give your recipes a distinctive gastronomic touch.

Cook with Life Pro.

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Why try extra virgin olive oils with different types of natural flavours?

Available in several flavours, our Life Pro Fit Food Spray 200 ml extra virgin olive oil will recreate the aromas of nature in your dishes. These aromas will be at your fingertips, creating flavours to match your dishes: Baked potatoes, pizzas, fresh pasta, toast, tempura vegetables, and much more.

Choose the flavour that best suits your tastes, evoking different touches to the palate by mixing it with your favourite foods.

Our aromatic oils have been subjected to objective parameters and the evaluation of a tasting panel to raise it to the category of extra virgin oil, promising its greater richness in oleic acid and incredible organoleptic qualities (smell, colour and taste).

Why should we consume olive oil?

As the standard-bearer of Mediterranean food, olive oil is a delicacy of our traditional cuisine, coming from the tree on the shores of the Mediterranean, and its olive juice is used daily by millions of people. Its health benefits have been more than demonstrated, increasing the life expectancy of those who consume it by reducing the chances of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, degenerative diseases and even some types of cancer.

This is possible thanks to oleic acid, which increases HDL cholesterol (the good kind), polyphenols, Vitamin E and other components such as omega-6, small amounts of omega-3 and provitamin A.

Best methods of consumption

When consuming olive oil, there are differences in the best method of consumption:

  • Raw oil: The best way to consume extra virgin olive oil will be raw, in gentle cooking or boiling with water rather than consumption by frying.
  • Hot oil: You must bear in mind that when it is heated it should not smoke, as this indicates that the oil is being burnt. An ideal temperature should be between 160 Cº and 185 Cº.

How to choose the best healthy olive oil?

Not all olive oils have the same effect and are not the same in terms of their impact on our health. That is why we must bear in mind the following premises:

  • Consume extra virgin olive oil: This type of olive oil is the one that we can really consider olive juice, conserving all its bioactive components.
  • Cold extraction olive oils. This is the extraction and refining method that preserves the highest amount of polyphenols. Other extraction methods can severely damage the benefits associated with the product, such as oleic acid.


Here are the ingredients of Life Pro Fit Food Spray Extra Virgin Olive Oil 200 ml:

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil: 98%.
  • Natural flavourings: 2%.

Storage and use conditions

Pay attention to the following recommendations regarding storage and use conditions:

  • Store and use the can at room temperature, away from open flames, sparks, heat or operating electrical equipment.
  • Do not spray on a naked flame or any incandescent material.
  • Pressurized container.
  • Do not pierce or burn, even after use.
  • Protect can from sunlight and do not expose to temperatures exceeding 50°C.
  • For food use only
  • Keep out of reach of children

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