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Life Pro Nutrition Wild Train 1500g

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Intra-training supplement formulated with essential amino acids, sodium and carbohydrates. Supports the maintenance of sports performance.

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What is it good for?

Although intra-workout drinks have traditionally been given exclusive importance in endurance sports, they have a place in strength sports when we carry out demanding and demanding workouts. In addition, it is even more important if our workouts are very intense, if they last more than 1 hour, if we are advanced athletes and we have to optimise our workouts, if we train on an empty stomach or if we are in a calorie deficit with a view to defining or losing weight. Avoiding dehydration and favouring the replenishment of energy substrates can help us to obtain greater performance and better recovery during and after our strength training in the gym or in other types of facilities, whether they are aimed at calisthenics, gaining muscle mass, gaining strength, improving performance in other sports or any other related objective. This improved performance and recovery can lead to greater training-induced adaptations and, therefore, to achieving our goals more effectively.

When training in the gym or similar (e.g. at home or in the park working with body weight), carbohydrates will be the main source of energy used. Therefore, during training, we will use the glycogen we have stored in our muscles and liver. As we use this glycogen with training, replenishing it through carbohydrate consumption will be key to optimal recovery and upcoming performance. Therefore, the combination of maltodextrin and cyclodextrin used in this product will allow this replenishment and also its use during training, avoiding gastrointestinal problems as far as possible and being suitable for those intolerant to fructose.

The essential amino acids present in this formulation will not only serve to increase protein synthesis and promote muscle growth, but also to help manage the fatigue and recovery generated by training. The formulation of essential amino acids plus the addition of cysteine and tyrosine has been taken directly from scientific evidence. This combination amino acid formula with the present ratios has been shown to reduce fatigue generated by strength training and improve recovery after strength training in recent scientific evidence.

The supply of electrolytes such as sodium will favour the hydration process, always accompanied by a correct fluid intake. Sodium is the most important mineral to be replenished during physical exercise, and is the main cation of extracellular fluid. We must bear in mind that when we exercise we sweat and, when we sweat, we lose not only water but also electrolytes such as sodium. Sodium is essential for maintaining body fluid homeostasis, which is key for proper force production (e.g. in our training and competition) through our neuromuscular system. In addition, low blood sodium levels will cause symptoms such as mental confusion, loss of consciousness and even death.

Among other things, we also cannot forget that correct sodium levels will allow us to better absorb glucose, which is key to optimising performance in various sporting disciplines.


  • Can improve performance in demanding strength training.
  • Improve fatigue from training.
  • Improves recovery after a training session.
  • Improves hydration and substrate replenishment.
  • Made from quality raw materials.

What dose to take?

Dissolve 40g in 500ml of water and take during training.


This product is composed of a combination of different carbohydrate sources (maltodextrin and cyclodextrin), sodium, all the essential amino acids and, added cysteine and tyrosine.

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