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Life Pro Clear Isolate Zero Caffeine Muestra 25g

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Life Pro's Clear Isolate Zero Caffeine is a protein isolate supplement, which has been combined with caffeine anhydrous for a complete, novel and ideal formulation for people looking to increase their energy levels. 

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What is Clear Isolate Zero Caffeine?

 Clear protein is characterized by a light, juice-like texture that helps meet daily protein requirements while increasing energy levels.

Clear Isolate Zero Caffeine has a concentration of 81%. Arla Lacprodan Clearshake whey protein isolate is a patented, high quality, high purity formula with no added lactose, sugars or fats.

Protein is essential in the diet of all people who include physical activity in their daily life and who want to take care of their diet. Life Pro Clear Shake has been designed in 2 different flavors: Cola and Energetic Drink. 

To achieve this innovative formula, the protein has been combined with a source of anhydrous caffeine: a type of caffeine of rapid absorption, one of the most used in sports due to its multiple benefits and properties.

It is the ideal supplement for people who want to get their daily amount of protein, increase their energy levels and enjoy a refreshing and very light shake.

What are the benefits of Clear Isolate Zero Caffeine?

  • Its light texture and refreshing flavors: Clear Isolate Zero Caffeine is characterized by its innovative texture, which is much lighter and similar to that of a fruit juice. 
  • Its caffeine contribution: in order to improve its formulation, a contribution of anhydrous caffeine has been added, which is rapidly absorbed, to enjoy increased energy, performance, and mental focus.
  • It is low in fat and carbohydrates. Each dose provides less than three grams of carbohydrates and less than one gram of fat.
  • It contains no added sugars. It has been sweetened with sucralose. One of the safest sweeteners for consumption and does not generate insulin peaks.
  • Caffeine contributes to delay the sensation of fatigue and tiredness.
  • Degree of purity: it is the degree of purity offered compared to other types of proteins is very high. It contains 81% protein. It does not contain lactose, since it is eliminated during the purification process.
  • The protein used has the Arla Lacprodan Clearshake patent. 
  • Source of high biological value protein. It contains the 9 essential amino acids that our body cannot produce by itself. 
  • Protein contributes to preventing the loss of muscle mass or catabolism. It is its structural function that characterizes this nutrient. Protein is responsible for building muscle mass, repairing damaged tissues and promoting the creation of the ideal anabolic environment. 

The formulation of Clear Isolate Zero Caffeine.

Whey protein isolate Arla Lacprodan:

The protein chosen for the formulation of Clear Isolate Zero Caffeine, is a source of isolated protein, high biological value and has the Arla Lacprodan patent. Its innovative clear texture is light than conventional protein shakes.

Protein is one of the three macronutrients, which has structural functions and is essential in the diet of physically active people: protein helps build muscle mass and recovery after training and maintenance of muscle mass. It is especially important for athletes to meet their daily protein requirements in order to obtain the best results and achieve their goals.

It has a very low carbohydrate and fat content, it is a source of high purity, with 81%, and a particularly low fat and carbohydrate content.

It does not contain lactose as it is an isolated protein source, in which most of it has been eliminated.

Sucralose and its flavors:

Clear Isolate Zero has been sweetened in its 2 different flavors with sucralose.

Sucralose is an artificial sweetener that was discovered more than 40 years ago and its use in the field of fitness and sports supplementation is due to its safety in human consumption and that it does not contribute calories to the body.

This sweetener has the capacity to sweeten between 500 and 600 times more than conventional sugar. It is obtained from sucrose. It does not alter glucose or insulin. It is one of the safest sweeteners for human consumption. 

It is a sweetener suitable for diabetics because it does not influence glycemia or blood sugar concentration.

In oral health care: the appearance of dental caries because bacteria cannot decompose this sweetener. Dental enamel will be maintained in optimal conditions. 

Caffeine anhydrous: what is it and its properties?

Caffeine anhydrous is one of the different types of caffeine that exist, characterized by its rapid absorption and effect. Each dose provides 120 mg of caffeine.

 This type of caffeine is one of the most widely used, especially in sports: it is absorbed in an average of 20 minutes and reaches its maximum peak in the blood in between 30 and 60 minutes.

Among the main benefits of caffeine, it helps to increase energy levels, increases strength and helps to improve performance, helps to postpone the feeling of fatigue, improves mental focus and also has a thermogenic effect. 

What differentiates Clear Isolate Zero Caffeine from other protein supplements?

Clear Isolate Zero Caffeine has an unbeatable quality and purity of its composition, as it has been designed and produced under the highest quality standards. Its laziness, with 81% protein in its composition, positions it as one of the purest protein isolates on the market.

Its low content in other macronutrients: It contains less than 4% carbohydrates and 1% fat. It contributes to achieve the best results, physical and performance especially for the most demanding athletes. 

Clear lsolate Zero Caffeine has been designed in 2 delicious flavors that allow you to enjoy the most refreshing flavors, with its light texture that characterizes this Clear protein.

Who is Isolate Zero Caffeine recommended for?

Clear Isolate Zero Caffeine is the ideal supplement thanks to the purity of the protein it contains. It facilitates digestion for all those people with stomach difficulties or discomfort.

Clear Isolate Zero Caffeine is a protein supplement that is indicated for all those people who:

  • Looking for a protein powder supplement with a light texture, easy to take and very refreshing.
  • The most demanding people who want to enjoy a protein supplement according to meet their protein needs, fast absorption and digestion, and quality thanks to its patent.
  • It is also recommended for any athlete with physical exhaustion or person who does not reach the necessary amounts of this macronutrient.
  • People who want extra energy throughout the day, quickly absorbed and that favors increased performance. 

When to take Isolate Zero Caffeine?

Clear Isolate Zero Caffeine is a recommended protein supplement that can be consumed at any time of the day when an extra supply of protein and caffeine is needed.

Before training: to nourish the muscles and take advantage of the extra energy provided by anhydrous caffeine.

After training: due to its rapid absorption: we will ensure that at that moment there is sufficient quantity in our body to repair the muscle fibers damaged during training, as well as to favor the increase of muscle mass. Also the extra energy will help us to stay active throughout the day.

Directions for use

Dissolve 25 g (1 scoop per 70 ml mark) in cold water (300 ml - 350 ml). Shake vigorously and wait 15 seconds for the foam to subside. If any lumps remain, shake again.

High caffeine content: Not recommended for children and pregnant or breastfeeding women. (40 mg / 100 ml). It is recommended to avoid its use in hours close to sleep, especially in those sensitive to caffeine.

Nutritional facts


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