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Life Pro Blue Backpack White Logo

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The new Life Pro backpack is the necessary complement so that you can take your items and supplements with you to the training locations of your choice. 

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What is the Life Pro blue backpack?

Wherever you want to go, whether for training or any other type of activity, it is essential that you have a complement to carry all your belongings, from supplements, water bottles, etc., in a comfortable and practical way. With the new Life Pro backpack, it is now easier to do so.

It is ideal for you to carry your belongings and favorite objects to your training place. 

What are the features of the Life Pro blue backpack?

  • The materials: it has been designed with materials that are characterized by being resistant and long-lasting. It features the Life Pro logo in the center. It is easy to store and fold anywhere. 
  • Its closure: the way to be hung works through a system with double ropes on each side. It is easy to close, preventing your items from getting lost.
  • The design: It has been designed in white and blue gradient colors. Its design is functional and practical.


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