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Life Pro Carnitine 1000 Carnipure 90 Caps

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Life Pro Carnitine 1000 Carnipure is a supplement with carnitine in the patented Carnipure formula, which ensures maximum quality. It increases the amount of fat your body burns while improving your energy and concentration.


Composition of Life Pro Carnitine 1000 Carnipure

This product contains carnitine with the patented Carnipure formula.

What is it for?

Carnitine is one of the most widely used compounds in the world of sports supplementation, because it has very valuable properties. If we add to this that Life Pro Carnitine 1000 Carnipure uses a type of carnitine that has a seal of quality absolutely recognized for its prestige, the result is an ideal product for any athlete.

To explain why this amino acid is so important in sports nutrition, it is necessary to mention its main function. Carnitine is responsible for promoting the transport of fatty acids to the mitochondria, where they are "burned" (metabolized) to extract energy from them.

In other words, Life Pro Carnitine 1000 Carnipure achieves two things: on the one hand, it increases the amount of fatty acids eliminated naturally by the body and, on the other hand, it makes more energy available. The first factor becomes vital when the objectives are weight loss or definition. Thanks to carnitine it is possible to reduce the tremendously annoying accumulated fats at a faster rate than would be achieved with exercise alone.

From this burning of fatty acids comes the other benefit: an increase in energy, vitality and even the ability to concentrate and react. Life Pro Carnitine 1000 Carnipure enables the athlete to be more attentive and can improve performance thanks to this energy boost.

In addition to all this, carnitine also positively affects recovery after intense training.

How to take Life Pro Carnitine 1000 Carnipure?

Take one capsule a day before training.

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